Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Hundred and Twenty-Nine

First day of VA
and before arriving I got a giggle.
Since when don't they not use "bump?"
I guess its a sign to remind you that everyone is entitle for some quickies!
The whole hospital setting reminds me of Grey's Anatomy.
Who needs McDreamy and McSteamy,
when you have your very own general dentist and periodontist.
I work with the HOTTEST doctors of life.
They just graduated so they are doing their residency over there.
These 3 weeks are going to do me well.
Almost every patient there needs local so you know what that means?
For once I'm actually glad Florida is a dinosaur.


And then later tonight:

RENO baby!
"Pues dile al amor que no toque mi puerta
que yo no estoy en casa que no vuelva manana.
A mi corazon, ya le han fallado en ocaciones.
Me fui de vacaciones lejos de los amores.
Y dile al amor que no es grato en mi vida
dale mi despedida cuentale las razones."

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