Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is it! ! ! 
three hundred and sixty-five days of blogging.
Thought of quitting plenty of times...
disappointed when posts were held against me
but I did it!
I'm not a quitter
I wanted to end with a BIG bang today
and it happens to be a FULL moon as well.
All the times I was mocked because I wanted to inspire people..
guess what?
Today I was given what I wanted.
A person (who's not very fond of my 365) decided to show me their new
wallpaper photo on their blackberry...
when I go and check out the photograph it looked very familiar.
It was a photo shot by ME!
This person was so in denial but I was able to go through my posts
and show the original source 
My Blog!
In spanish you call that:
Galleta sin manos
a slap with no hands
! ! ! 

This year I was given too many lessons to learn and I'll share them with you.

I learned that spoken words will never affect the person to whom they were directed towards.
People will envy and you will drown in their negativity 
if you decide to take a listen. 

I also learned that Karma,
no matter what...
will come back for you!

Do the things that make you happy
be a dork if you please!

Always share your creativity
if they get shot down,
share them with different people.
"What ifs" will kill you in the long run.

Don't regret anything that once made you smile.

Dream BIG!
real real BIG!
and have a lot of dreams.
It doesn't matter if one dream doesn't relate to the other one.
No one ever said life has to make sense.  

There's no such thing as a real world
and as for grown-ups... I have yet to meet one!

Relating life to lyrics of a song
will always be fun!

I know you are going to sit there and criticize this one.
It's okay...
all I have to ask is this:
How do you want to be remembered when you pass on?

Today I received devastating news...
an elementary school friend past away.
RIP Steven Guarin
I know you were sick 
and I know you're at ease now.

I <3 you guys
and I will definitely miss this.

goodbye 365 
Its been a beautiful journey. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

Dental Hygiene 
c/o 2010
taken from my camera phone
because silly me forgot to bring my camera today
any who..
tomorrow is my very last post!
I'm not going to lie
I am a little upset!
Yay for accomplishing another project!
but Boo for the end.
I'm not gonna have reasons to take pictures anymore
you know I can't stop
This project has been an emotional roller coaster
So many things happen in one year
and they are all here for your viewing entertainment!
I'm so glad I didn't quit when I really wanted to!
I'm so glad I followed the rules and really took a picture each day 
for 365 days
Tomorrow I shall impress each and everyone of youuu!
I shall put on my thinking cap and THINK!
I hope I don't disappoint myself!
On another note...
you won't be seeing my picture for this coming Friday!
I take my boards this Friday!
So if you're reading this right now
put me in your prayers and help me pass!
I'm super duper nervous!
okay I have to go now and study!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three Hundred and Sixty-Three

This is for all the teachers who never believed their students 
when they said their dog ate their homework!
Little Miss Gaga here
not even half the size of the paper sheet
destroyed my review for my quiz!
okay so the artist that drew Edward Cuspid
owns a blog as well and posted an entry 
all about him and Beri 
check it out

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three Hundred and Sixty-Two

Happy 25th Anniversary 
Tio and Rebeca
A nice celebration to gather the family 
It was very nice
and they were very surprised
now the question is...
will I have a 25th anniversary with someone?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Three Hundred and Sixty-One

G r E E n with EnVy 
My meat-free Fridays are soon to be over. 
It's been a sacrifice...
but it hasn't been to difficult to accomplish!
I've had to think outside my chicken box
This pizza was delicious
pesto sauce
tomato basil
and a lot of green
of course it wasn't a full pie
The meat eaters had to fulfill their cravings
with an  e v e r e s t
all the meat you can think of in one slice!
I think I'm going to try and make this a ritual even after lent!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Hundred and Sixty

When the moon hits your eye
like a big-a pizza pie
that's aMoRe
when the world seems to shine
like you've had too much wine
that's AmOrE!
-Dean Martin 

Thanks to Keith, we got Chili souvenirs
and a birthday brownie to ME!
I'm not looking for my 22.
I already feel OLD!

by the way
My teacher helped me pick the name to my new buddy.
His full name is Edward Cuspid
he likes to be called Eddie
will post soon 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Nine

My second office shadowing.
Have you ever been to an office where the entire staff are male?
office manager
except for the Dentist!
super weird but pretty cool.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Eight

S e N i O R i T i S 
is severely kicking in.
Tomorrow the first person in our class takes the board!
Lots of luck to Marcela 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Seven

Could it be that I have influenced Lellanis?
Nah, it can't be!
::ohhh but I did::
Today a lot of good things happen!
Its safe to say,
today was a perfect monday 
never thought I would say that

"The remedy is the experience
It is a dangerous liaison
I say the comedy is that its serious
Which is a strange enough new play of words.
I say the tragedy is how you're gonna spend the rest of your nights with the light on
So shine the light on all of your friends because it all amounts to nothing in the end.
I won't worry my life away."
-Jason Mraz

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Six

Ask me what I did this entire weekend?
did I mention... 
I'm so tired of this! 
it has taken its toll on me!
Apparently Gaga feels the same way too.
She just decided to express it very blunt!
Did I mention how much I love her?
In two weeks I take my national board.
Please wish me lots and lots of luck!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Five

Some women choose to follow men,
and some choose to follow their dreams
If you're wondering which way to go,
remember that your  c a r e e r  will never wake up
and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.
-Lady Gaga

Friday, March 19, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Four

After a very long  hard week
it's safe to say 
napping in a hammock 
as never felt this good before
I want the boards to come already!
get it over and done.

it's sad to say that I only have 
11 more entries to go!
a whole year has past since I started this.
I hope you've been enjoying.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Three

When the world give you no mirrors, use photo booth.
Today's schedule
wake up : six forty-five am
arrive at school : eight fifteen am
leave school : eight forty-five pm
hospital : nine fifteen pm
leave hospital : ten thirty pm
tooth fairy and what nots : eleven thirty pm
arrived home : one am

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-Two

Cos we all need a little green in our lives.

I was suppose to see a tribute to Sublime
but my day got complicated
and therefore...
I witnessed both
a tribute to U2

Happy St. Patty's day !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty-One

Omar Fernando was born yesterday.
Same day as Alex's birthday 
no more babies for Cindy 
Third time is a charm!
That's Baby Markcuz with his new baby bro
Now there are 2 david look-a-like!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Three Hundred and Fifty

B R a i N . B o W L 
(try to find me)
our class got divided into 8 groups
each round 2 teams went against each other
in order to win you had to push the buzzer after a question
and answer it correctly
my team lost
But it was still very very fun.
I don't know how many cultures I had in my plate
the freshmen did a very good job at preparing the whole scene
it was completely awesome!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Nine

A day at the Renaissance Festival.
Truly an amazing experience.
I got to witness: 
Potions and ingredients for spells.
A witch who will soon become a mentor
Trolls walking around making his mate call
(it kinda freaked me out)

A family of beautiful gypsies
with another baby on the way.

A fair lady playing her harp.
Kids wondering where the beer is being kept.

A beautiful baby boy that relies on pots and pans for entertainment.

A mug of tasty mead!
A breath-taking Knight, 
that later got killed while jousting.
I must admit the day was a very magical one.
You better believe I am going again.
Sadly to say, the moment I hopped into the car, 
the magic was swept away by just ONE phone call.

Being defeated by one of your kind 
has to be the worst battle one can ever fight.
You cannot run for cover,
because what you know as safety is now your enemy.
My mother has always been tough to please.
Emotions are not really her thing.
So how did I become so emotionally sensitive?
While my friend suggested something that I'm giving thought to,
I couldn't stop thinking about how harsh my mother can be.
She gave away Gaga without my consent.
Without me saying Good-bye!
The whole hour drive was equivalent
to an emotional roller coaster.
From laughs to tears, and repeat,
my thoughts slowly began to clutter.
Each phone call I kept getting was worse than the one before.
I arrived home only to get even more upset.
My own kind used my weakness against me.
She mocked my emotions like if it was a game.
I don't think I've ever been this upset before.
So much tension in the house
and all was against me.
I lost this battle and my wounds are severe.
To recover feels like it will take a lifetime.
The flower that never made it to her arms.
The irony it carried the moment it decided to break before it arrived home.
I'm an emotional wreck!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Eight

I read a magazine that interviewed Lady Gaga.
They asked her what would she like to accomplish in 20 years.
She replied how she wants people to express their individuality through her.
She would like to be an influence to everyone's "weird" side and just bring it out.
Well Gaga, 
you don't have to wait 20 years!
you have already inspired me too much.
Although I still catch myself worrying about what other people think,
I still come out of my shell like I never did before.
I hope I can do the same to you

Friday, March 12, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Seven

Just when I thought I was never leaving Helio,
Helio left me.
Story of my life!
 Hellooo BlackBerry
I feel super duper lost with this device.
H E L P !

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Six

Oh eMm gEe
What the H happened to the door handle?
Because of these lovely 2 ladies,
I was able to vent about the many issues that occurred just one single day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Five

Today I brought tea for Lauren
::no pun intended::
Ever since two days ago
I haven't stop showing my face at this place.
I think I'm getting addicted.
and I did something new to my hair!
I call it,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Four

Time, is going by, so much faster than I
And I'm starting to regret not spending all of it with you.
You've gotta live every single day
Like it's the only one, what if tomorrow never comes?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Three

A tea party gone  m a d .
Today we initiated 
Um from UmBridge
although after a game of scrabble 
we figured she should really be the 
R e d Q u e e

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Two

P a i n t b a L L i n g 
as of right now I have 3 bruises to show
let's see how I wake up tomorrow.
But on a very good note...
There was a round that was 2 on 2
but quickly became a 2 on 1
and I was able to hit those two
B i a t c h e s !
I hit gissodizzle on the ear
and on the head
boob-e was shot on her head as well.
I'm sorryyyy!
we went to see Alice in Wonderland!
If you have not seen it yet,
I strongly urge you to go
and if you have and you're one of those who don't like it...
The movie had a lot of great messages 

I definitely would rather be  l o v e d  than  f e a r e d
being mad is a quality from the best people

always always always 
believe in the impossible 
whether it is 
a potion that can make you small
a cake that can make you grow
animals that talk
cats disappearing
about a place called Wonderland
moving to Australia 

and one more thing

Thought of the day:
Have you ever thought or wondered
why it sometimes feels sooo awkward to say those 3 simple words,
"I Love You?"
I've come to the conclusion that
that feeling occurs when its ultimately a genuine emotion.
It takes a lot for a person to spill their thoughts.
Whether they have their guard up or not,
it's a sense of pride to hide your feelings.
Next time you say those words think about it...
do you really mean it?
or is it just because you're hanging up the phone?
Think about the first time you ever said it to your significant other
your mother
your father
your brother
your cousin 
Think about the first time they ever said it to you.
Get my point?


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-One

the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, 
or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.
Not all influence is bad.
 Yet because its overly used to describe negativity, 
people automatically assume the word derives from bad.
I have never been one to shut my mind on someone's thoughts and ideas.
I feel the more open I am, the more influenced I become.
Because of this I can grab what I like from a personality
and add it to my personal twist.
Today hands down, was one of the BESTest days ever.
Walk for the Animals
Huizenga Plaza

Of course I love when people relay on me for directions.
After excessive amounts of u-turns and wrong exits,
we knew we were at the right place when we saw more 4-legged creatures than actual people.

Gaga found a new friend
she was just too happy

Monchi discovered that he prefers mustard over ketchup.

Gaga is going through identity crisis,
however her new step mommy didn't mind it.

Never step on the tracks!
Well no one ever said anything about sitting on them.

He does it so good 
he don't need nobody else.

I always had a thing for mohawks
Mouth full of sandwiches
your souls a bowl of jokessss

I did something I've never ever done before.
I got my palm read.
It was a cool yet weird feeling.
The psychic said many good things.
For starters I'm going to live a long life.
She sees a move very soon and it's going to be a very positive one.
I don't like to B.S people and I am very stubborn.
She also said I am very unstable with my major
which I believe is very true.
I really don't know what I want but in 4 months, 
everything will all begin to get clear and stable.
(Just around the time I become licensed)
She mentioned how I have no love life right now
and I won't have one for a while.
The people I seem to love and want always drift away
and the ones I really don't care for keep sticking around.
But I will find the right guy and only marry once.
She also said something about having 3 children
2 boys and 1 girl
I don't know how much of this I like to believe
but she did read me pretty good.
Which leads me to another topic...
I got lots of friends 
but the ones I consider 'best'
are the ones that can read me like if I were a book.
God knows I'm very difficult to comprehend 
but He made it so that when I find these certain peeps
I don't have to struggle at explaining the insides of my head.
The constant struggle I battle to be understood.
These people just need to listen to a few words I have to say and can complete my sentences.
Now the theory I've come up for this is a bit strange
but I believe it has to do with the chemical balance of people.
This means that no words need to be spoken,
just by sight it can trigger the souls.
If I continue explaining I know I will lose you but for the ones that do understand
I guess I shall meet you one day 

You can call it soul mates
I shall repeat...
today was one of the BESTest days ever! 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty

Another meat-free Friday
while ordering my La Paz Salad
)marinated seasonal fish(
I learned the waiter gave up meat 
for the entire lent period.
It's been tough on fridays
I can't imagine 40 straight days
I guess that will be my next challenge.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Day 3 of p90x
Y O G A 
let me tell you something and this you can quote.
Anyone who says yoga is for whimps,
they have never tried it before.
I'm drenched in sweat
(something that didn't happen day 1 or 2)
I crashed so many times!
Having the little monsters running around didn't help as much.
Try doing the Crane and having Gaga jumping in your face.
Not FUN!
Then, I tried locking them out of my room
and they kept scratching the door to go inside.
I thought we had to be peaceful
and have nothing obstructing our serenity?
Guess not!
legs / back / abs
I feel it already!

Tip of the day:
Do your best, forget about the rest!

A M A S T 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight

Today was the last day at the community site.
I'm going to miss it.
We interviewed some of the clients
to implement it in a mini clip presentation.
I'll post it later.
speaking of filming...
We won second place on the video contest
I never posted the final piece.
day 2 of p90x
I finally found out what the p stands for.
It turns out we were doing the wrong workout video...
So today we restarted!
(except I was already sore from yesterday's workout)
can we continue for 90 days?
we'll see!
Do we even have 90 days in this planet?
Temperature in Miami dropped once again
in the month of March.
Seriously, it's 53 degrees outside..
it's freezing! ! !

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three Hundred and Thirty-Seven

I honestly believe 
G a G a 
is a 
m o n s t e r !
Her first day on a leash and you should have seen her.
Not to mention the other monster running away from me.
I had to run 3 blocks to catch him!
Guess what I started today?
ouch ! ! !
I know x is for x-treme!
how bout p?
So it turns out I slacked for the upcoming marathon this month.
But I still am doing this walkathon on Saturday with the dogs.
The question is...
Are you going?

What's going on in the world?
well for starters...
 today the 2nd earth quake hit Chile.
Of course stronger than the first one that occur sometime this week
and of course over 8.0 magnitude
And because of this earthquake
the Earth moved a certain way
that caused us less time in a day.
That's right we no longer have 24 hours in a day!
1.23 microseconds got deleted off the face of this planet!
We're heading to 2012 faster than we thought!
Tsunami warnings in several places around the world
(including US)
what's really going on!?!?
we need to take care of mother Earth