Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Seven

I got this today @ FedEx
I finally returned my Helio phone
and now this other new one is causing me the same problem!
And not to mention I think the reason for the pain in my thumb is because of it.
I seriously need to stop texting.

Any who, when you open this card it reads
"Hope your insurance offers better coverage!
Get well soon"
You know I had to get it for my little munchkin.
He's doing a lot better
but he's still not 100%
He is running and acting like his old self
but he gets tired quickly.
He's my working out buddy
He keeps me going and non stop running.
I need to keep up with him.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Six

So today I heard a Pink song I've never heard of ever.
And it goes a little something like this:

"I'm going to California
To resurrect my soul
The sun is always shinning
Or at least that's what I'm told
Going to California
There's a better life for me
Going to California
I'll write and tell you what I see
Going to California
Somebody say a prayer for me"

Yeah, definitely my theme song.
This is why I love Pink
She always makes a song just for me
-Family Portrait
-Most Girls
-Please Don't Leave Me
-Just Like a Pill
-Who Knew
and the list goes on...
I freaking love her.

on my way to Wendys to get some nuggets
I came across this beauty....

Today was clinic day and I haven't seen a patient in a while.
Or at least it felt that way.
Last week on Tuesday I was clinic monitor
and on Thursday it was OSCE.
My thumb is hurting...
It's been hurting for a while.
I have no idea.
But what I do know is that it was the worst day for it to hurt.
I scaled my father,
which he was classified as moderate but
my hands want to shout in agony
and say he's heavy.
It was terrible
and then to top it off.
I saw my special needs this afternoon.
This patient is special needs because they suffer from
Muscular Dystrophy
This patient cannot take care of their own teeth
and is wheelchair bound.
The whole cleaning was done standing up.
I am not lefty but today the only time I could have taken advantage of the chair
was during the left side of the patient.
It was an experience I will never forget.
Tears came out because I was sooo frustrated.
The patient was discontent because the procedure could not be completed today.
So I rescheduled them not next week but the following.
Give my back some rest
and my thumb has to stop aching because it's making me
work differently.
I think it's because of too much texting.
I must reduce.
It hurts a lot.
I have to mention that my new professor helped a lot.
I underestimated her because of what people say about her...
but she helped out a lot
and the BEST part was
she congratulated me!
She said I did a good job.
You don't hear that too much in our program.
You always here a lot of negative but seldom do you hear you did a good job.
So I also want to thank her
for making my day a little smoother.
She also hugged me...
I think I needed that too.
I can't remember when I received a hug.
I've just been a green monster lately.
I miss hugs
and kisses
and just doing nothing but talking
well and sometimes more than talking
Now I know the reason for my green!!!
I'm overdue for some..........
Tomorrow is a new day,
closer to Orlando.
I have to do so much tomorrow.

Monday, September 28, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Five


no she is not selling

I repeat she is just supporting me.

We I mean I sold cookies today.

I sold a total of seventy something dollars.

More money for the Orlando trip.

We've been doing so good @ fundraising

I have to give myself a pat on the back.

::patting back::

So I woke up today and I remembered my dream.

Its kinda freaky.

I dreamt that I lost two of my teeth.

But they weren't permanent,

they were my deciduous teeth.

Letters K and L

for those of you that fall short on this term its my

last two teeth in the bottom left.

Anyways, they fell out as I thrust my tongue around them.

And when I picked them out, I checked them and they were full of amalgams.

It was a weird dream.

And supposedly I grew up with a superstition that when you dream about fallen teeth,

that means that someone in the family is going to pass on.

::crossing fingers hoping that's not true::


I saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Super cute, I cried!

But I always freaking cry so whatever.

Today was not such a good day.

Then again... it was a Monday.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Four

Recuerda por un beso mi coranzoncito tuvo una obsesión
Cuando Volverás,hasta hermanita pregunto?
Enséñame olvidar, Si todavía me amas,
Seré tu angelito aunque la boda sea mañana...


Hunting for good Aventura tickets...
wish me luck!!
Today is the day I acknowledge that I will never ever get married.
Why on earth do I need a man when I can do everything he can?
What on earth does a man have that I need?
companionship I have that with my dog.
Like the infamous lead singer of Sublime, Bradley once said:
"Living with Louie Dog's that only way to stay sane"
So that they can come before me?
To tell me that they love me?
ummmm I have family and friends
and once again my dog gives me that too.
I've never been so frustrated with the opposite sex before.
Two members of the opposite sex reside in the same household as I:
My brother and father.
you think they lend me a hand?
it's not even about the money because I could have just taken it to a auto place
But it's the simple fact I've had oil there and I didn't want it to go to waste.
Anyone can give me money..
but can you give me time from your day?
I had a boyfriend for 7 months
who actually went to mechanic school or whatever the fuck it's called
you think he bother to change my oil?
I told him plenty of times to do it
I'm not going to nag so when I saw he wasn't taking action
I took it and paid $60
that's another thing...
you go to a auto place and see you're a girl and you're by yourself
they automatically think you're dumb.
I hate double standards.
What makes you think you're so much better than me?

I woke up today googled how you change your car oil
simple steps:
-raise your car (they suggested the portable wheel ramps to be the most stable)
-unscrew the plug to drain out the old oil
-unscrew the filter (HARDEST PART EVER)
I guess the last person to do it tighten it all the way
-wipe out the excess oil around your car
-screw the new filter (before you do this lubricate it with the new oil)
-screw back the plug
-use a funnel in order to put the new oil


with no help from the opposite
all I got was:
"you're not strong enough"
"why don't you just take it to a mechanic"
"why can't your brother do it"
"you're going to hurt yourself"
"is it because you don't have money, I can lend you some"

I swear to you I cried during the process because all I got was negative comments.
It's sad that people think this way...
seriously my ego is way up there because once again
I proved everyone wrong.
FUCK everyone!
With no help from anyone
This woman changed the oil to her car.
So like I said, I will never get married.
No man will ever give me the type of amenities I need.
All I ever needed is to be understood
I thought I had that...
but I thought wrong.
To to everyone with a penis in between their legs
you can go suck one.
And no I am not lesbian so don't think that either.
I'm just independent and the need of the opposite sex is not needed over here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Three

The truth is hiding in your eyes
And its hanging on your tongue
Just boiling in my blood,
But you think that I can't see
What kind of man that you are
If you're a man at all
Well, I will figure this one out on my own
(I'm screaming "I love you so..." But my thoughts you can't decode)

And the lesson for today is concerning envy:

"Envy shoots at others, and wounds itself."

That's all I will say about tonight which will be recorded in my head for ever.
I never thought someone so close can carry so much envy.
It's a chronic disease that can lead to death.
If I can give you one last advice it will be to pray to free yourself from it.
You cannot be happy and have envy at the same time.
Its something that can eat you up as a whole.
Trust me you cannot live like that.
Your strikes lead you out of my life for good.
Never do I want to hear from you again.
You destroyed this friendship
and witnesses were there to know I did nothing but try
and relieve the situation.
My white flag is waving as I surrender.
This friendship cannot last because envy is contagious
and I do not want any of it.
Leave me how I am.
You might not think it's the proper way of living.
But I've been doing just fine.
Your sick twisted ways will always leave you in the dark.
And you will never learn until you admit you're wrong.
I cannot help you anymore
because every time I do,
it becomes a problem of my own.
I have to much on my plate to drag your issues too.

Friday, September 25, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-Two

Since I have better news I will write it on top of the depressing one.

I just got home and read the letter that notified me I won the scholarship I applied for a couple months back. I will be receiving the award/check next week Friday when I arrive at Orlando. I am so excited about this... Next week is going to be full of mixed emotions. I will be presenting my table clinic (which I haven't practice for). I will be receiving this check of $500. I will be going to Disney's theme parks, including Epcot which I've never been to. The people that I will be going with are the closest friends I've had in hygiene except for Jessica because her mom happens to get married the same weekend. It kind of sucks that I am not going to be a part of the wedding but she knows I would if I could. I'm really glad my mood is changing. I've had a sucky week. Thinking about a certain somebody that I know doesn't think of me anymore. I don't understand why on Earth I am getting the depressed symptoms now that it's been more than a month. I mean I've been pretty strong about it so why change now? I hope it was just a phase... maybe because I could be getting my monthly friend. Speaking of which, I haven't gotten her in a while and I missed my gyno appointment today. I'm telling you, I've been on a row this week. I'm just glad it's over and done with and now it's the weekend so I get to soak up and relax before the next one comes.

So I went to Olive Gardens with Leslie and Jessica today and I am still super duper stuffed from all the bread/salad/pasta!!! Oh the many carbs I devoured. Not to mention the margarita as well. Well the napkin in my chin was because every time I grabbed a spoonful of pasta, it never failed to drip on my chin lol. We couldn't stop cracking up. At least we worked out our abs from too much laughter. Any who I got back to Jessica's and started feeling stupid and blah....

"Well my diamond mean............

Ok I like diamonds and like I said it takes a diamond to cut another diamond meaning it needs something as strong as its self to bring it down to size I and I feel that I need someone just as strong as me to cut me down so am basically looking for another diamond

Make sanse?



So to his definition, was I never his diamond?

Was I never as strong as him in order to share our lives together?

Is there a better diamond for his lifestyle?

Will there ever be one for me?

I don't want a new one...

I just want to finish cutting this one.

I was almost done and about to wear it as a shiny diamond ring on the finger next to the pinky that runs a vein directly to my heart.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Hundred Eighty-One

despite the pointless examinations
we opened doors to other friendships.
I can't wait to see how many exams I failed.


"When we are dying or has suffered a catastrophic lost, we all move through five distinct stages of grief. We go into denial, because the lost is so unthinkable, we can’t imagine its truth. We become angry with everyone, angry with survivors, angry with ourselves. Then we bargain. We beg, we plead, we offer everything we have, we offer up our souls; in exchange for one more day. When the bargaining has failed, and the anger is too hard to maintain, we fall into depression, despair. Until finally, we have to accept that we have done everything we can. We let go. We let go and move into acceptance."

My drug for the next 15 weeks.


my stomach just knotted nasty.

I hate this feeling.

BUT if you look for it,

you better believe you will find it.

It just sucks

I have no idea what the heck happened.

BOYS are just GROSS


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Hundred Eighty

ok we look like geeks but in reality we were experiencing the lifestyle of a geriatric patient.
For those of you who do not know what geriatric means it's the branch of medicine that deals with the problems and diseases of the old and aging.
Our Activity:
-The glasses were covered in vaseline (poor vision)
-Our dominant hand had a glove with a tape around our knuckles (arthritis)
-Cotton rolls on our vestibules (speech impairment)
-Cotton rolls on our ears (hearing impairment)
It was tough walking around school with those glasses on...
it makes you think about the elderly and their driving skills.
We should give them chances
anyways I got the results back from the Comp
and let me tell you, it is not a pretty score
4 out of 42 students passed with the highest score being a low 80%
So we got lectured today on how we are doing so poorly.
Really if only 4 people passed I think it has more to do than just our study habits.
It has a lot to do with the professors and what they are actually teaching us.
Now what really worries me is.... "am I ready for the national exam?"
I know it's not right now but I should start planning a schedule on what and when to study.
Tomorrow is OSCE
of course they didn't tell us what it's about.
(We don't even know what OSCE stands for)
I swear sometimes I think they just want to see us fail.
I think they love to write "F" and make us beg.
It's pretty sad.
Today was def. not a good day.
Let's see tomorrow after the performance exam.
I thought you should know that today September 23, 2009
Sydney, Australia experienced the worst dust bowl in 70 years.
Looks like mother nature and I shared the same feeling for today.

"I pick a book up. Turn the sheets down.
Take a deep breath and a good look around
Put on my pjs and hop into bed
I'm half alive but I feel mostly dead
I try and tell myself it'll be all right
I just shouldn't think anymore tonight 'cause
Dreams last for so long
Even after you're gone
I know you love me
And soon I know you will see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Nine

Duplicating films is much more difficult than you think.

After two tries, the third one finally came out with copies of the original films. They should have focused more on that during radiology lab.

Today I was clinic monitor a.k.a clinic bitch

-check in all patients

-decontaminate phones/door handles/counter tops

-take inventory

-restock items that are low

-take back all borrowed supplies

-lock all doors/cabinets/drawers

Today was also clinic rotation which meant new professors and I didn't get the first feel of her.

Which according to my clinic it was a good thing because yeaaah NO COMMENT!

Monday, September 21, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Eight

Meet Billy.
He was due for vertical bitewings.
He has severe bone loss and a fracture mesial root on his first mandibular molar.
(yes, I got packet placement)
I got a 90%
you would think its an A
but since I'm in the program
95% is the lowest A
so yeppp.

"I can't take it any longer but my will is getting stronger
And I think I know just what I have to do
I can't waste another minute after all that I've put in it"

In the hunt for Sugarland tickets.

And here is the list of the new soundtrack for

The Twilight Saga:

New Moon

















Super excited that The Killers are part of the soundtrack.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Seven

Paz Sin Frontreras
Peace Without Borders

Today is a very historical day.
Cuba is having their first freedom concert.
For a couple of months now, there has been many debates whether Juanes should perform in Cuba or not. For those of you who do not know who Juanes is, he is a Colombian singer. His popular hits have been: tengo la camisa negra, la paga, a dios le pido, and many more. I don't know when they initial the actual concert but what I do know it has been the greatest controversy.
Most Cubans here in Miami believe is a mockery. Why should a Colombian go and sing for freedom at a Communist country? They believe that many have died for freedom and going over there would be praising the the dictatorship. They can give you a million reasons why he shouldn't go there.
Today, Juanes will be performing in Cuba at around 4 or 5 pm. I've been watching it since 2:05 in the afternoon today. Other singers have gone with him to make this concert happen. Singers like Olga Tano, Danny Rivera, and so much more. Still it's happening and the Cubans that are against this are still pin pointing the wrong.
I was not born in Cuba, but my family is from there. My mom came when she was 21 and my dad left when he was 5. It brings me distressed to believe Cubans are against this movement. We know that Cuba is a dictatorship and that it is poor country. My childhood consist of my parents telling me I have so much luxury. When they were children, lights would go out all the time, there was never any hot water, and food was rationed. They came here to better themselves. However many Cubans didn't have the option to migrate.
In Cuba, there are many "active communist" and Miamians don't believe that they should give them a concert. I don't understand the ignorance of these people. I know that many have a tragic past and thats the reason for their hatred of their country leader. But don't take away the right of those who are still suffering in the same country you were able to flee from.
I happen to love concerts. I can choose a concert over any other fun activity. I love how music is so widely expressed through emotions. And it gives me great pleasure to say that I am for this concert.
I believe that the Cubans living in Cuba right now should enjoy something that is never given to them. Something that is always being deprived for x amount of reasons. Concerts set you free. You can listen to a song on the radio and you can feel something in your gut when the same song is being sung in front of you live.
A few songs ago, there was a band that sang "black or white" from Michael Jackson. I got goosebumps. They choose such a great song for the perfect occasion. I seriously feel all these Cuban Miamians should shut and let them enjoy this. This only happens once in a blue moon.
How can you say you are up for change, and you cannot accept this freedom concert.
It's sad to say that people of my kind are the one's against this. On the other hand, many Colombians, Puerto Ricans, and other Latin Americans (and even some other Cubans), are actually congratulating Juanes and the other artist for making this great sacrifice.
Make PEACE not War

I wish I had a better picture... but today I didn't even go out..
I'm still in PJ's and everything I had on my agenda today went to CRAP!
this is a shot of the family discussing the whole concert...
of course since Tio Jorge was here, everything was blasted to max volume.
Monchi was actively listening to everyone's viewpoints.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Six

With the Maid of Honor and Bride to Be
Today was an eventful day
I participated in a bridal shower
and birthday party.
It was also Genesis 5th birthday

which I must show you baby Markcuz

I keep saying he looks exactly like David.
I think it's a cover up... I really do think it's David's son.
But whatever he's soo cute I had to eat him...

He was delicious.

He's officially deleted/blocked from everything.
Today I poured my heart out
and all I got was
"Why would you miss little ol' me"
It feels like it was only me in a relationship for 7 months.

Friday, September 18, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Five

450 questions later...
the Comprehensive Exam was finally over
and we celebrated with some drinks @ Chilis
Finally got a decent shot of the entrance.
Mind you the car was in motion.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Four

Happy Constitution Day

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Three

(I didn't find a picture b/c Monchi got back from the vet... he has Meningitis)
Thought process:
Comprehensive exam is on Friday.
I have to add that I'm very anxious.
I really don't know what kind of questions
would be asked and I don't want any bad reflections of it.
Turning to a good note.. I got elected to represent our dental hygiene
program over at Orlando for table clinics.
If you go through previous posts you will see the hard work in
making our [Yanira and I] project "Going Green in Dental Hygiene"
Many late nights and a lot of research. We even wrote to
one of the authors, Kevin James that wrote an article on the subject.
And now I got elected to go and represent =)
Hard work does pay off, but I will be doing it on my own.
Yanira couldn't continue on this semester so therefore I had the option
to do it on my own, or decline the acceptance.
So I choose doing it on my own. I'm always up for a challenge.
And I figured.. why not?
I really feel utterly focused on school. Yes overwhelmed but never the less productive.
My planner is super organized and I am hoping it maintains this way.
This leaf is not going to turn brown this fall season. It will grow until it eventually becomes a beautiful flower.
I haven't taken a photograph yet, but I will be looking for a very cute flower so it can go with the rest of this post.
see ya soon

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-Two

What kind of dental hygienist are we?
Happy Birthday April!
Comprehensive exam on FRIDAY!
Question of the day:
Which has the least acid attack?
A- Swiss Rolls
B- Raisins
C- Cup cakes
D- Soda

Monday, September 14, 2009

One Hundred Seventy-One

Johnny Cash & June Carter

I aint saying I'm requesting anyone thats perfect

but I just need a man that will make it all worth it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Hundred Seventy

So this note was given to my parents attached to a wine bottle.
Lately this alchy has been drinking up all the wine from the fridge
and I haven't return the favor and put some back.
So Jessica and I headed to Publix to buy some pregamers
and in remembrance I bought a bottle for the parents.
I promise not to touch this bottle
(only if offered some)

Im such a good kid

No but seriously,
they have helped a lot lately.
I can't help but to thank them.
YES both of them.
My dad is being a contract patient for me
while my mom gives me money
My dad is being my temporary boss on Saturdays
I am still jobless.
And in no intention of looking for another one.
today I focused on Radiology

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Nine

Hazelnut Ice Coffee was the BEST invention!

and just because he's been in my head the whole FREAKING day today:
All that I am left with are questions with no answers.
No signs or clues as to where and why he left.
My heart still aches from the loneliness.
And I can't help but wonder...
Does he think of me
The way that I think of him?

Friday, September 11, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Eight

Today we went to the vet for the second time.

This time it was to get a better understanding of what my mom tried to translate.

While we were waiting on the vet,

he screamed again. Later to find out he was screaming

because he had to poop.

We caught it on time but he still left a mark on my shorts.


We got the x-rays and the explanation.

The vet said he really doesn't know what the problem is

he recommend hospitalization, but after we take him to a specialist.

The specialist has to take a CT scan or MRI

but when we called to get the estimate of the whole shin-ding,

the O.V is $140 and the MRI ranges between $1-2,000.

Kenny recommended to go to an alternative medicine Vet

and get acupuncture so I think that's what we will be doing.

For now we just hope and pray he gets better.

The vet marinated the words "too young to be put to sleep" while the consultation

and I couldn't help myself but break into tears.

He's my best friend, the one who has helped me get over this rough little patch.

If it weren't for him, who knows if I were to get crazy again.

(oh God no)

Any who I really hope time will heal him.

I can't see him struggling anymore.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Seven

I wish I could retrieve the shot taken originally.

You know I miss you.

And you definitely know who you are.

I'll be coming to see you soon.


Monchi is really sick

he went to the vet today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Six

The grannydukes.
All cute with her new plaid shirt.
Too bad the sun messed up this shot.
Today is 09-09-09
super cool

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Five

can you see the bird?

you can't see it in the picture but the sun rays were making an "s"


today was a very productive day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Four

Comprehensive Exam in less than 2 weeks.
Amount of hours spent studying: >4 hrs

It's all about the U

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Three

Throwbacks like this one... make me want to relive my high school years.

I saw Taking Woodstock today with Ivonne (Megan's mom)
the movie was pretty dope
Makes me want to go back even farther than my high school days
and live in the 70's

Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-Two

Ok I have no picture yet
I'm still in bed and I haven't done anything
but what I am going to write about now is about a conversation
I had with my grandpa on thursday
I forgot to mention it (which I don't know how I forgot it was a tough subject)
Any who he said how he will not be attending my graduation because
May is the month that his lease is up on the apartment
and so he has to do things over there.. I tried to convince him to just come for
a weekend but he said he wouldn't do that
That really pissed me off because if it were to be another grandchild besides my brother
he would have come
Then what really pushed my button was how he under-graded my profession
He said and I will quote
"you are already busting a sweat studying.. minus well become a dentist."
This could be the biggest insult I can ever take.
First of all yes, when I was younger I did want to become a dentist
but as the months of studying keep passing by, I am more aware of the differences
between these two professions.
Although they both work hand in hand, they both have different views on their patients.
A hygienist role with a patient is to educate them and make them aware that their mouth is the gateway to health issues. If you don't take care of your mouth, you run the risks of having diseases. Research says how cardiovascular, diabetes, and low-weight birth babies have correlated with oral health.
We not only educate patients but we strive to aid in oral hygiene. This consist of your gums and teeth.
Dentist on the other hand, work to fix your teeth when the disease has already impacted you. For instance, when you get a cavity, you have a cavity. This cavity will not leave unless you drill it out and cover it with some resin composite. When you have abscess on a tooth. That infection is not going to leave unless you do a endodontic treatment.
Dentists are the Mr. Fix it as Dental hygienist are the preventative measures before you have to fix it. Yes we also fix your gums and help your teeth from not falling off but everything we do is so that you won't have to see the dentist. If you were to see a dental hygienist every 6 months or 3 depending on your perio evaluation, you won't have to see a dentist ever. Unless you have some hereditary condition that no matter what you do you get cavities.
This leads me back to the conversation with my grandfather.
I love what I do and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. We get paid good, and there are a lot of opportunities for us. Why the heck does my grandpa need to put me down and tell me that what I am doing isn't good enough?? Would you tell a student who wants to become a teacher to switch and study to become a Principal? So why would you tell someone that's studying to be a dental hygienist to become a dentist? They are very different. Yes they get paid much more than a dental hygienist. But so do principals vs. teachers.
I hate critics. Who are you to tell me what to do? It's my life and I do what I want with it. If I want to be a stripper and enjoy every minute of it, who are you to tell me I shouldn't?
And you can't attend my graduation because you have a lease to settle? Ok so then when Danny becomes a doctor you will attend his graduation. I hate getting compared to people.
Whatever this was my little issue
and I hope whoever reads this will never talk down to someone
about whatever future plan they have.

So this was at 3:22 am
we still had a lot of carsss
and no one was coming to claim them
so then when the show decided to come to an end
all the fags decided to leave
and of course complain that it was taking for ever.
I need a break from this already
I worked very hard tonight.

Friday, September 4, 2009

One Hundred Sixty-One

Sushi once again..
this time I was accompanied by the daddydukes
and Miss Jessica

we had some Saki Bombs
and let me tell you they are silent creepers

Then later we went to vagabond
I was supposed to go to round up
but my Broward crew decided to sell out
my cousin decided to get her period also
there were too many people selling out
so we decided not to waste gas and go so far
I've never been to vagabond
it had a nice atmosphere.
lots of cute boys to pick and choose from
although I had my eyes on a particular one
I was gonna tell him something..
I went to the bathroom and got out
and I did not see him no more.
YES I was pretty tipsy
I haven't felt this liberal in a while
I'm falling in love with myself again
and it feels awesome.