Friday, July 31, 2009

One Hundred Twenty-Six

here we come...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Hundred Twenty-Five

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts.
-Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Hundred Twenty-Four

A day @ the gynecology is no fun.
But I came back home to a splendid surprise.
Well I never went home..
We finally spoke about nearly everything
Next friday: LASER SHOW!
I worked out A LOT today
(or should I say tonight)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Hundred Twenty-Three

No work, All play
This is the way life should be

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Hundred Twenty-Two

Never did I end up seeing him on the day of his birthday.
Never did I get to be creative with his present.
Never did I show him the souvenir I got him.
I wasted the gas of sparking it too much.
I sat down today and similar to Aaliyah
I wrote him a 3 page letter.
Letting him know about the emotions kept inside.
to be continued.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Hundred Twenty-One

Girls are never too old to be young.
Happy Birthday to him.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Hundred Twenty

He's nails are still green.
He's fills the happiness in my heart.

Friday, July 24, 2009

One hundred-nineteen

With one week left of summer classes..
our class decided to throw a potluck
we had doughnuts, lasagna , these little rolls of cheese ham and other stuff that were delicious.
Besides food, we had a lot of fun... there was nothing being said of pharmacology and clinic
it was just actual conversation. It was enjoyable.
Next week pharm. final!

Then after school, another fun-filled afternoon with Jesso Dezzle.
I love my friends. We can be stupid together and not care.
(As long as there is no one around lol)

P.S I saw Ugly Truth today...
I decided to end my relationship b/c someone decided to call and report at 8 pm
I was a whole day without knowing where he was... and he was not home he was out and about with his friends and he couldn't spare 5 seconds of his day to call me and tell me what he's up to. And of course at 8 he started spilling excuses on why he couldn't call me. I don't need that crap. It's bad enough I don't see him ever. Now I need to hear excuses. I've never been so disappointed at him like this. I thought he was better than this. I thought he actually was respectful and kind. Whatever moving on.. I went with the future pilot. The movie is great I totally recommend it to anyone! Heigel is the shiiiit thank god she is not quiting grey's.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One hundred-Eighteen


lmaoo... I'm still laughing at the stupid comment of Raque and Mr. Jack Sinister (which i have yet to meet). Sometimes I wonder if my cousin is right in the head... but other times I'm just like.. if she doesn't do things this way, then it's not her. ANYWAYS.. right now im currently doing my hair! THIS ALWAYS GETS ME IN A BAD FREAKING MOOD!!!!! maybe it's because of the fact that she has no consideration of me being a human and that I feel pain. She thinks I'm a Dexter or something!! I wanted to go darker but of course... she always wants to do what she wants!! So i got highlights. I don't worry cause fuck it, my hair is gonna fade out in about 2-3 weeks and I re-do it.
I'm really suppose to be studying pharm.. but as you know.. that is not happening either. I've just been extremely busy with everything lately. And if I'm not busy, then I'm really tired. Thank goodness I finally have an insurance. I went to do a checkup the other day and he just asked a lot of questions and very little assessment. I am no doctor but I am in the dental hygiene program and I do know a lot of facts. I do know you are suppose to take my temp. and state it in my chart and not make up a random number (98.6F) just because.. what if I really had a fever? And what's up with the medical assistant not knowing what Albuterol is for. UGH! I don't have any luck with doctors.. hopefully the OB/GYN I'm going to next week is good. I really need questions answered in that category and I just want to feel the way a patient is suppose to.
Any who boy toy and I... yes we're back together but it sure doesn't feel that way. He's phone got disconnected and I haven't spoken to him in almost 2 days. We've been playing phone tag. Finally a little while ago he called me just to tell me hi and that he's going to play baseball. UM okkk correct me if I'm wrong but after a break aren't you suppose to feel relieved.. happy... innocent.... fresh start? I feel like this break didn't do anything. If anything make us much more distant than what we were. I really hate this... because he used to be the one person I can tell everything to.. and now I spend the majority of the time bickering to peeps about us. That's not healthy either but I need to talk to someone and about something.
On sunday is his birthday and we haven't even spoken about what he wants to do. I don't know what I am going to do about us anymore.. and then I feel like all the time I'm just making excuses for him to do what he's doing but I don't even know what he's thinking in he's head and if he even cares about anything. I can only stay positive for so long. And I cannot keep giving him the benefit of the doubt when he's not proving anything.
And then I got other people saying they want me as copilot. IM JUST VERY CONFUSED!
I need to stop writing before it becomes and even BIGGER issue.
We painted Monchi's nails... he was so calm and stylish afterwards. I swear he is the best dog ever. I think thats one of the reasons why these issues have been so okay to deal with. He is the one I come home to and fills me up with kisses. Baby he's my A thing lol! he's all i ever wanted. We can do it real big.. bigger than u ever done it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One hundred-Seventeen

I think the movie was good..
sure a little long but it was describing the life of two people
in different times.
The modern Julie, was a blogger.
She was doing this project
something like this on in which she has
to cook for 365 days and blog about it
I wish I could cook.
I can bake, but I have to be in the baking mood.
Maybe when I move out into my own house
I buy recipe books and cooking utensils
and practice till I become Julia Childs.
I wonder if people read my blogs just like Julie's.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One hundred-Sixteen


It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.

Monday, July 20, 2009

One hundred-Fifteen

Swine Flu anyone?
seriously I cannot wait for my mom to get home
in order to eat some home-cooked dinner.
I tried to make some grub but as you can see
I probably can kill someone before feeding them
I can't get married just yet.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One hundred-fourteen

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.


and this is for the ones who want a laugh...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Hundred-Thirteen

DAY 7:
See new places, see different faces
fortunately it ends here..
or should I say start.

Friday, July 17, 2009

One Hundred-Twelve

Hello Key West, show me some relaxation in this get-a-way.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Hundred-Eleven

Happy birthday Veronica... you're not even legal yet.
can I just stay 21 for ever?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Hundred-Ten

My superman who later discovered had mouthful of cavities.

Day4: So today was even better.. well the truth is that it's only eight o' clock. I don't know how the night will take me.. But you know what I also discovered today? You people who are reading this must think I'm psycho. But truth of the matter is when Im escalated to the clouds and the sky like a kite... I tend to recite the must unique thoughts in my mind. So I have given it some more thoughts. Him and I are always a thing, however, throughout the years of memories I've noticed a pattern that always comes alive. It's always in the summer when him and I are at our highest. I remember summers ago it's always when we seem to be exchanging kisses and phrases. So what happen this summer? Well since I guess it's the year when it's finally official then I guess now it gets more tense.
Any ways I battled with my friend today because of the whole atheism vs. scientology :
There isn't a proper answer to this; the only thing "atheists" have in common is that they do not believe in God (or gods) and therefore do not believe the universe was created by a god. Atheists as a group are defined by what they DON'T believe, rather than by what they believe, so there is no particular consensus. True, a great many subscribe to the big bang theory, followed by evolution in one form or another. Others believe that the universe has always existed. Many others readily admit that they don't know how the universe was created, and don't believe that anyone will ever know. Others have unique theories all of there own. It's important to remember that Atheism is not a doctrine in itself, but a term describing absence of a specific doctrine.
I guess because if this my friend is so confused that they believe in a certain something.. What I believe was so ignorant about her was the fact that she chose to believe that there is no other belief in the world except evolution. Evolution is and will always be a theory until someone discovers and half human/half monkey being. The thing with me is that I am open to any thing and everything but... I also believe that since I am open their are a lot of thoughts and many beliefs on how the world and life is brought upon. Clearly stating that is a belief but NO MAN has ever actually stated the actual truth on who life and world is created. So what ever you believe in you have to know there are others and not just your own.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Hundred-Nine

DAY 3: good bye mom and papi. they left me to D.R. today early in the morning! yeah.. this photo was shot like at 6 in the am. i think i was too tired to even check. I could be lying maybe a little later than that b/c now that i remember i DID look at my phone and I saw a message from him saying "good morning." So it was like around 9! lol I'm such an exaggerator! any who today was an eventful day.. the only texts today were the ones just mentioned above! so yeh.. BUT i have good news... I have a good feeling about this today.. but before I get onto the drama.. I must inform you on what I did today. I made engagements to meet up with an old friend of mine (and her nieces) to have a pool day. It was fun.. I ate some of her cultural food i guess. lol... fish arabian rice tomati and beets! (MIND YOU SHE'S BRAZILIAN) lol! but all i could say is that it's very different than to how my mom cooks it. Then I went to Jordi's game which he lost! the moment i got there he was batting and he made a HOMERUN! but still those kids are good. PLUS MONCHI almost made a homerun for them!! he got loose and he started running all over the field. EVERYONE had to chase him. According to my brother, he said that the empire was super PIST! but whatever.. is not like if i did it on purpose. SORRRY!!! dammit! Then i worked out.. and I went out with Lisette because she was super mad because I did not tell her that I was single. So we went to go see 'My Sister's Keeper' wow....!!! let me tell you that that movie does not play! when they said DRAMA .. they really meant it! Cameron Diaz plays a perfect role and so does that little girl that also plays in 'Definitely Maybe' and the father need i say he's HOTTTT! and the other sister KATE! wow... her role was to the T!! she was fantastic! Anyway GREAT movie!! a lot of tears shed. And after we spoke about the infamous BREAK i am currently in.. and that's when everything hit me.. the reason for this break and the outcome of it.... I must say i got help from some movie preview... I think it is called.. 'The Wife of the Time Traveler' I must see it when it comes out. But yeah.. I know that he loves me.. and I know most certainty why he needs this time alone. Yes everyone can tell me what they think.. if they were in his or my shoes.. but no one knows what's going on. I can try and put 38702937 million negative things in my head on why he put this 'break' on us... but i know that thats bologna (like the commercial) I know that he's going through rough times... and most importantly his mind level is not where mine is @ the moment. He is still thinking about friends etc. and stuff while I'm thinking more about us and more futuristic levels. And he knows that physically it could be impossible for him to jump on the level with me.. b/c where he is standing @ the moment. And that's why he needs time to gather thoughts and try to grow to where I am at. But what he doesn't know is that I know this nor that by just communication of his actual problems, we can foresee this. Hence the fact he is 19 and I am 21.
So yeah he needs to grow a little.. just a little in order for him to realize that this is just a bump.. and by talking we can get through it. And also I am not helping with just stating my problems only when I am about to pop! that is also unreasonable from me but HEY thats the reason why we must grow together. Yet he knows that I wanna have fun and that while he's doing this maturing, I really don't have to be there with him getting all the nasty side effects this growing contraindicates. So yeh.. I know I made up all this conclusion in my head. But yeah this is not a movie.. this is elliott and susan.. the peeps who met each other a loong time ago and with the simple help of a shooting star, all of this happened. So I just needs to do exactly what he told me to do. Which is 'everything I want' in order to wait it out while he is maturing. Simplicity! See Wall-E also had to change a little in order for Eve and him to be together. He was so stuck on the old.. he couldn't digest all the new stuff that Eve can do. =D Another reason why Wall-E is soo perfect for us. (I'm wearing the shirt) ok tell me this isn't freaking HE JUST TEXTED ME!!! and as soon as I was going to write... my phone froze and RESET.. AHHHHH should I take it as a sign?

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Hundred-Eight

DAY 2:
went to school thought my patient was going to suck!! but it turned out she will be my new FINAL! sooo im taking my final now on MONDAY! (wish me Luck) she has really perfect teeth.. she said that she brushed like 239847986 a day! Today the texting was 'normal' BUT later on.. we got into another bug storm! maybe this isn't suppose to work. maybe we are just suppose to be friends forever. I mean that's the only way I can talk to him and he can be good with me! Besides the fact.. today I met this brilliant girl that goes by the name of Karol (i think thats how you spell it) well yeah we were both using the computers @ the library and then some guy decided to talk to her about her tattoos and then since i have ADD i decided to look over there. We started talking.. she's studying to be a nurse but has passion for art... she's a gemini.. she keeps a book of doodles that i must say that they are not doodles. She found the perfect gemini symbol. We both agreed that gemini symbols are the ugliest ones in the zodiac. i mean anyone can draw a II who can't.. so she found this amazing drawing of two angels one playing a harp and the other one i forgot the other instrument. I SWEAR if i see her again im going to ask her if i can take a pic of it. She also keeps fortune cookie messages. And then since I've never bonded with another gemini we started talking about each other to see if we are alike. We both would love to do everything in this world. And then I realized that it's not the fact that we want to do it.. but the actual idea is the one that causes the excitement. Like right now with this whole break.. yeah sometimes im in a downer.. but at times I'm like ok this is new. which takes me to another subject.. we love change. We connected very much. I stopped doing my NSPT report and everything it was really neat. And since she's in nursing she incorporated a lot of the anatomy structures in her drawings. It was really cool. So i learned something yesterday.. 42.7 percent of statistics are made up on the spot! lol! i thought that was hilarious! and another little thing to keep you wonder...
BUT THIS IS DEEP SO PAY ATTENTION: What if the people who 'see' things.. like hallucinations.. what if they are not the crazy ones.. what if we're just blocked from seeing it and really they have the gift to just oversee that. Why is it that everything that we cannot see is 'taboo' yet we believe in a God who is invisible to most of us? What if we are the smallest things in this planet? What if we are all just experiments from another Galaxy? lol I know I just threw a lot of things there to absorb but yeah we went really deep. And this is exactly what I miss from my babycakes. the fact that i cannot express my mind to him anymore... =/ By the way.. what does the photo make you think about? To me it expresses that we are going into fire.. or that we are trying to see if there it's possible to leave the dull life behind and go into something different.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Hundred-Seven

DAY 1:
so I woke up early (no good morning text) went out with Cindy and her man and a friend to go Jet Skiing. While I was getting ready I heard my mom talking to Cindy saying how back in the days even if there was no money her and her friends use to go to the beach and drink some wine and have fun. I guess she was defending me! Yeah, that was a FIRST! But no, I'm not going to lie, lately she's been on my side for almost everything. She still trips for no reason but yeah she has my back! I went to BK and no lie, I saw like 3 corvettes and not the shiny brand new ones, BUT the old old ones. And what did I want to do? But of course take a pic and email it to someone! But i bit my tongue and NOPE I did not! Because we are on a break. The best part of today was when the Jet Ski was going 60 MPH and the wind was so loud I couldn't hear myself think. All I had was the waves and wind blasting in my ear and the occasional splashed of salt water in my face. Having nothing to think about is a HARD task to accomplish. Your mind is always running on thoughts. But I have to admit today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had a pretty good time. BUTTTT! then ... like always you get home, and your family is here and once again the 21 questions from your uncle... "donde esta ellio?" "por que yo no lo veo por aqui?" AHHHHHH! why can't everyone just SHUT UP! OH and then I have ms. RIVERO texting me... why are you lonely? when yesterday she was telling me how she doesn't know why SHE bothered texting me. Now she's just doing it for the cheese. I HATE GIRLS! Okay I confess.. I just text him. I couldn't help myself! Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Hundred-Six

Ms. Yanira sent me a pic text message of the cover of this magazine
as I was reading it
yehhh that's how our friendship is
we are always thinking the same thing
is like she's stuck in my head
any who i got all dressed up for someone today
and I got stood up
I think this was the last straw
but now as I am currently text talking
I see I can't let go
Yeah we've been at this for only 7 months
but we have a wayy tighter bond
for just 7 months.
did everything happen to quick?
I seriously never thought this day would come.
The day I ran out of words and just drew a blank
all i wanted was slurpies
all i wanted was hugs and kisses
did i ask for them in a way I was not suppose to?
is it the age difference?
I really don't know but now I'm here just wondering
what the HECK happen to us
what's the definition of a break?
what are the rules?
I've never had this before
my last relationship I must admit it was childish
but this one, we actually speak
and respect
so am I suppose to just break as time
words become useless when it comes to describing
the questions in my head.
yes they make perfect sense inside
but to translate them to human english
makes me babble and just nonsense comes out
I don't know how this last song ends....
to be continued.

Friday, July 10, 2009

One Hundred-Five

You know I hate when parents tell you the infamous phrase
"You don't want to be flipping burgers for the rest of your life kid."
Flipping burgers is a difficult task and not everyone
is built to fulfill it.
What if someone wants to flip burgers for the rest of their life
better yet... what if no one wants to flip burgers
McDonald's wouldn't exist
Nor Burger King
nor Wendys
and so on.
SO you gotta give it up for those burger FLIPPERS
b/c if it wasn't for them..
some of us here in America wouldn't eat.
This takes me to another subject...
everyone is talking about the economy down scaling
and so forth...
And no one can find a job and blah blah blah..
but then you go to restaurants or shopping stores
and the customer service is horrendous.
I'm sorry.. last time I check 298374 people can fill your spot..
so why the heck are you acting like if you can't be replaced?
But then that leads me to favoritism and discrimination.
Miami is sooo FULL of BALONY !
I can't wait till I move out!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

one Hundred-Four

guilty pleasures.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Hundred-Three

So I thought I was going to complete my mother today.
But apparently everyone else had to see Ms. Moss today
I didn't trip b/c I seriously don't need the points.
I'm already over 4 points
I did do a lot of requirements today...
All 3 graceys
and all 3 sharpening instruments
so I did ACCOMPLISH something.
Now I need to finish the NSPT report
and the Self Assessment
and Bite wings
and I will finish!
sooo heading off to a good foot.
As for pharm..
AHHH I'm not going to remember anything friday
We haven't had class for the past 2 weeks
We have HW due
that i have not done yet!
Like always... everything to the LAST minute!
I went to the water park as planned yesterday
it was a really nice park.
except for the fact that we brought the bad weather with us.
that didn't stop me from getting pictures.
everything resembled a painting from Britto
It was a nice experience
PLUS our receipts count as rain checks
for ONE whole year!
I got INCUBUS ticket today
$29.99 lawn
no service FEE
Amy and Vero once again
we're making a trio

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Hundred-Two

I swear if this mister can be a model, I would have sign him up a long time ago! can you imagine? Him signing autographs with his cute smelly paws? my dreams come true! Haa! well yeah this spicy lil meatball has stolen my heart like you have no idea. He's just too cute.. I just wish I can train him. I went to a park today to play tennis and there was a little chihuahua fetching the ball and giving it back to his owner. I wish Monchi can do that. But whatever... he's a brat.. a SPOILED little brat. Well tomorrow supposedly I will go to a water park with the babester and Daisy and my dad and carlos.. so let's see.. I will give you my update tomorrow. Today was the memorial to Michael Jackson. It was amazing goosebumps, teary eyes, the whole nine yards. Performances from Usher, Usher (LMAOOOO.. DORy moment for laura and ailyn) John Mayer, Mariah Carey, etc. It was truly amazing. And once again... my dreams on changing this world has been enforced. But I have to stand up b/c no one will just push me to it. I mean that's the purpose of it being a goal. I need to stop letting these distractions get to me.. People talk to bring you down. My dreams are my dreams and not yours. That's why everyone is special and different. If not, we would be robots and everyone would be perfect. So HEARS to my dreams coming true.. Some Day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

One Hundred-One

from the munchkin!!
I swear I hate having to wake up with him in my bed.
I humped me today in the middle of the night
since the last day of school last week was wed.
waking up today was a mission.
I finished the upper arch for my mommy
i need to bring her again on wed to finish her.
She leaves to punta cana next week
Lets see how i deal living by myself a whole week.
I gotta get my cook on
took the advance radiology quiz on digital radiographs
think i did pretty good.
now im still in school "finishing my math quiz"
which of course I haven't finished
but since I have no internet at home I gotta do all my other things too.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Hundred

So 4th of July Celebration ended at Dolce. Once again coincidentally, I met up with Yensi, however this time he was with Yule too. So the whole night I spent it with them. It was nice because I found out that yensi has a dancing side to him that I have never met. I originally went with Laura but she left me for a boy which was all good cause I had 2 with me. Afterwards, I went to babuh's house where I basically saw the sun come up... we went to sleep at around 7 after some great LOVE making... let me tell you it's still indescribable =D totally breathless. Any who.. we woke up at around 3:40 pm and then there was a ghetty at his house with all his friends and stuff. jose kept bragging about some arbor mist lol =DD i looove that shit. ohh and the hubby and I had a talk today. starting from now on... we have to have a creative alone time.. =D soo let's see how creative we get. He's birthday is coming up! I need to start getting creative with his present.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy FOURTH of July. I woke up super early and joined Megs and her family on a boat ride all throughout Miami Beach. It was nice @ first the weather was kinda ICKY! but it cleared up and I got a whole bunch of sun. Everyone had a good time. Ms. Fatty Cheeks a.k.a Madison and her cute polk-a-dot Bikini! =DDDDD Megan's granny that was too funny catching some sun. She would drop her top down low of her one piece bathing suit and just stare at the sky with her big shades. It was nice. And i saw parts of Miami that i haven't seen before... It was beautiful.. I live in an amazing city.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Got my nails did and headed to a ghetty with Miss Megs.
But of course it was a family ghetty which we knew no one !
it was a BIG house they had a Bar-B-Q
and a lot of food but the smoke was everywhere and made my eyes watery
We went with Laz her cousin and he drank one too many shots
and he was on the aggressive TIP!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Seriously thinking of moving out.
Not b/c of any fights but man, I think it's just time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Meet Mom:
no retakes

and Just b/c he was too cute! meet Sin! A dog just looking for love.