Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three Hundred and Twenty-Eight

Listen up people!
My friend gave me a holler a couple of  days ago.
She mentioned pit bulls are being banned in the county she resides on.
They are getting to the chaotic point of shooting these creatures dead.
I don't own any pit bulls and I don't reside in the county she lives at,
I can't stress to mention how upset I am because of this.
Seriously, this is cruel and inhumane!
It has been said that chihuahuas can be as aggressive as the pit bull breed. 
The attitude of the dog is determined by the owner.
I own two chihuahuas
 and contrary to ordinary belief,
they are both the sweetest things you will ever meet.
There shouldn't be a law determining what kind of breed you are allowed to own.
I feel that if you want to make such a ridiculous law 
there should also be one to ban these teenagers making babies
and all these ladies that just keep popping kids out left and right.
I know people get annoyed when I relate dogs with children,
But for those who don't have kids, and have dogs,
really have kids as well.
So if I've done any kind of convincing 
I urge you to search for petitions and sign 
They don't have a voice 
We should speak up for them!
I also would like to mention that because of the dog in the picture above,
a man was saved. 
Rocko barked for help until help arrived.
So pleaseeee,

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