Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three Hundred and Twenty

I did my share of retail therapy.
Bought some cute clothes
Added another piggy to my collection.
I believe this has got to be my favoritEST of all.
I also made another investment...
this is also for all you people who enjoy my posts.
I bought myself a new camera.
I've been borrowing other people's for months ever since mine died!
Finally decided to see if there was a way of saving my canon.
Got the sad results back but didn't hesitate to check out the new samsung I've been eyeing.
The sales rep told me about all the convenient gadgets.
Made a double take and left with it.
I'm in love!
The very first picture taken is above with the piggy ;)

And this is  G a G a
showing her poker face.

Happy blogging.

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