Friday, April 24, 2009


Last day of clinic. All I needed was 2 points and because of that I couldn't do volunteer hours with the middle school students applying sealants. (That was already upsetting) Since I was going to see my patient, I wanted to do bite wings since I had two FMS and one bite-wing series and the requirement is two bite-wing series and one FMS. I'm sorry for being ANAL but you know what I wanted to accomplish that. Dr. Hudson said we could Flip-Flop it but I wanted to actually do my requirements. Well 9 o' clock zoomed by and I went to the reception area only to find a few patients waiting (all but mine). So Ampy called her and she did not pick up. Hyperventilation started to occur. "Relax Susan" I kept reminding myself... I had confirmed her this week and she said she was coming. I had a plan B though because they had prepared us to ALWAYS have a plan B... however what happens when that Plan B cannot get accomplish? No one told me about a plan C and can I even have a plan C? I mean is it truly possible to have a plan C? I HATE planning and I guess this is why I've been in such a shitty mood lately... I hate hate hate Planning. It's not really because of the mind preparation and the erasing and accommodation.. It's mainly because most of the time you plan, Shit always happens differently. So you break you're head trying to fit the pieces into a puzzle that you don't even know the actual picture for.. and When you're done, you realized some pieces are not from that puzzle. My plan B was to tell the mother of my patient who brought the brother of my patient that's being seen my another student to get her son out of school. We had discussed this on Wednesday and she said that she will be happy to take him out of school if anything were to happen with my patient. As I was telling her this, her face scrunched up into a frown and sadly whispered that her phone got disconnected last night and that she had told her husband to leave and pick her up later. She said her apologies but my brain was already gathering the bits of the pieces I have left to make whatever is left of my puzzle. I only took a few steps away from the mother when I hear my name in the loud speaker. "Susan Francos please report to the reception area, Susan." I finally exhaled. I ran to the reception area. My patient came through YES! Once again my eyes were trying to scan for her face but discovered that no face matched hers. I looked over to my right to see Ampy and she was smiling. "I got a hold of her she's by the bridge." My face lit up. There was no need for lights my face did all the glowing. I was prancing towards the clinic where Jessica and Lellanis to pick up on their conversation. They still were waiting on the students to come. Yet they were not worrying because they had already finished their points and requirements. For a few minutes I envied their position, I wish I was relieved from this weight I had on my shoulders. Speaking to them smoothed me just a bit. We spoke about nonsense. So much nonsense that I lost track of time. Seeing Dr. Kass' face reminded me about the reality that I only had 20 pts and if the day passes and I stay with 20, I will remain in Clinic 1. I ran to the reception area calculating the  time it takes from the bridge to my school. There's no way it takes this long. Even if she would have taking the bridge from 27 ave. I looked around the reception area again, this time I had no hopes of finding that familiar face. However it bit me in the butt to find her sitting there. She looked different. Hair straighten and makeup. I always see her in her security uniform. I was happy to see her face, I rushed her to the station. I started scaling her upper right. As I was doing this I was still trying to put the pieces into the puzzle. There is no way I can get the bite-wing series today. I did my calculus check and I forgot that today I didn't have the same instructor I always had. He always gives me 100's but today I did not have him. I had Ms. Smith. The instructor I like because she is honest and never oversees anything. However I didn't wish to have her today since I really wanted to get my 2 points and take the radiographs. As she was checking, she noticed calculus left on tooth 1 and tooth 3. She complimented the fact that everything else was spotless and she even noted that where I left the calculus was in too deep and that I should use my gracies for this type of calculus.  
.. to be continued

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