Monday, April 20, 2009


Choosing the career to become a Registered Dental Hygienist sounds simple. Living in Miami, or better yet in the State of Florida, may lead to the belief that we just “clean teeth.” Many people have been conditioned to believe that this is an “in and out” program with a satisfying pay as the result. However, as this first year makes a complete end, we’ve learned that next year, not only will we graduate and get licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist but we will gain other titles. We’ll become a health care provider, an educator, an advocate, a lifesaver, and most importantly, a hero.

I want to be your class president to make sure those titles stay enforced and possibly grow. As many of you may know, those with greater power are trying to withdraw our responsibilities as hygienist and letting anyone resume our work. We must get together and keep this from happening. Of course it’s not a part time job and cannot be done by just one person.

In the state of Florida, Miami Dade College accepts the largest amount of students into this program. We must always keep in mind, that aside from being husbands or wives, daughters or sons, mothers or fathers, we now gain another responsibility in society. We are the link to helping our community become healthier and I want to help lead America to a better tomorrow. Even though we’re caught up in getting a passing grade, we must remember that we are part time students and full time educators. We must not focus on the competition to prosperity but focus on the lives impacted by your words.

We must take our job seriously and we must stick together to accomplish our same goal. As a leader, people may assume your work falls to perfection. But that is a misconception.    

 I will need the help of professors, faculty, patients, and students of the class of 2010, in order to be the president everyone wishes to have.


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