Thursday, April 23, 2009


So my passion party cherry has been popped!
I went to one tonight and it was pretty cool.
I learned some new stuff like how  clitoris has many more nerves then the head of the penis.. and how sex is A LOT in a relationship.. lol and how girls can have 4 different types of orgasms (and we can have all four at the same time).  Oh and another little interesting fact was that ALL girls can cum. And when i say cum i mean ejaculate. Like MEN, we can shoot cum out.. of course it won't be like guys when they shoot everywhere.. but like it comes out... i thought only some women can do that.. but i was wrong.. 
it wall depends on how your man can find your g-spot and all that fun stuff.

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  1. =) Very interesting Susan, thanks for that informantion!!!!!!