Saturday, April 25, 2009


school has me sooo freaking stressed!!
this coming week is FINALS
and im soo frustrated.
luckily thanks to my classmates
they posted their reviews on the 
website and im seriously thinking
of not even opening the book.
i looove my classmates i really do
they each have a characteristic that
seriously brighten my day
BUT im just overwhelmed
im constantly telling people
not to stress and here i am 
apparently not practicing what i preach
poor baby of mine that deals with me
i seriously have to give him thumbs up for 
putting up with me.
i looove him
i did a lot of stupid things yesterday
and sleep really helped.
(well i should say more than sleep)
ok well i must study more
because im on a strict schedule
and if i want to do everything i wanna do
today i must end this post 
right now.

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