Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-Nine

A day at the Renaissance Festival.
Truly an amazing experience.
I got to witness: 
Potions and ingredients for spells.
A witch who will soon become a mentor
Trolls walking around making his mate call
(it kinda freaked me out)

A family of beautiful gypsies
with another baby on the way.

A fair lady playing her harp.
Kids wondering where the beer is being kept.

A beautiful baby boy that relies on pots and pans for entertainment.

A mug of tasty mead!
A breath-taking Knight, 
that later got killed while jousting.
I must admit the day was a very magical one.
You better believe I am going again.
Sadly to say, the moment I hopped into the car, 
the magic was swept away by just ONE phone call.

Being defeated by one of your kind 
has to be the worst battle one can ever fight.
You cannot run for cover,
because what you know as safety is now your enemy.
My mother has always been tough to please.
Emotions are not really her thing.
So how did I become so emotionally sensitive?
While my friend suggested something that I'm giving thought to,
I couldn't stop thinking about how harsh my mother can be.
She gave away Gaga without my consent.
Without me saying Good-bye!
The whole hour drive was equivalent
to an emotional roller coaster.
From laughs to tears, and repeat,
my thoughts slowly began to clutter.
Each phone call I kept getting was worse than the one before.
I arrived home only to get even more upset.
My own kind used my weakness against me.
She mocked my emotions like if it was a game.
I don't think I've ever been this upset before.
So much tension in the house
and all was against me.
I lost this battle and my wounds are severe.
To recover feels like it will take a lifetime.
The flower that never made it to her arms.
The irony it carried the moment it decided to break before it arrived home.
I'm an emotional wreck!


  1. i love you! dont let stupidity ruin your great day.. i know its easier said than done, but if it makes you feel better i love your post! i love your pictures and hey, i got new clothes for us!

  2. The crazy hare said it all...don't let this ruin your beautiful day!! Don't dwell on things you don't have control over...Just smile and be positive! "I am an emotionally sensitive persooooon!!" lol