Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

Dental Hygiene 
c/o 2010
taken from my camera phone
because silly me forgot to bring my camera today
any who..
tomorrow is my very last post!
I'm not going to lie
I am a little upset!
Yay for accomplishing another project!
but Boo for the end.
I'm not gonna have reasons to take pictures anymore
you know I can't stop
This project has been an emotional roller coaster
So many things happen in one year
and they are all here for your viewing entertainment!
I'm so glad I didn't quit when I really wanted to!
I'm so glad I followed the rules and really took a picture each day 
for 365 days
Tomorrow I shall impress each and everyone of youuu!
I shall put on my thinking cap and THINK!
I hope I don't disappoint myself!
On another note...
you won't be seeing my picture for this coming Friday!
I take my boards this Friday!
So if you're reading this right now
put me in your prayers and help me pass!
I'm super duper nervous!
okay I have to go now and study!


  1. :( you are not going to make me want to continue mine!

  2. YOU better not QUIT!!!
    don't be a quitter!