Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Hundred and Forty-One

the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, 
or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.
Not all influence is bad.
 Yet because its overly used to describe negativity, 
people automatically assume the word derives from bad.
I have never been one to shut my mind on someone's thoughts and ideas.
I feel the more open I am, the more influenced I become.
Because of this I can grab what I like from a personality
and add it to my personal twist.
Today hands down, was one of the BESTest days ever.
Walk for the Animals
Huizenga Plaza

Of course I love when people relay on me for directions.
After excessive amounts of u-turns and wrong exits,
we knew we were at the right place when we saw more 4-legged creatures than actual people.

Gaga found a new friend
she was just too happy

Monchi discovered that he prefers mustard over ketchup.

Gaga is going through identity crisis,
however her new step mommy didn't mind it.

Never step on the tracks!
Well no one ever said anything about sitting on them.

He does it so good 
he don't need nobody else.

I always had a thing for mohawks
Mouth full of sandwiches
your souls a bowl of jokessss

I did something I've never ever done before.
I got my palm read.
It was a cool yet weird feeling.
The psychic said many good things.
For starters I'm going to live a long life.
She sees a move very soon and it's going to be a very positive one.
I don't like to B.S people and I am very stubborn.
She also said I am very unstable with my major
which I believe is very true.
I really don't know what I want but in 4 months, 
everything will all begin to get clear and stable.
(Just around the time I become licensed)
She mentioned how I have no love life right now
and I won't have one for a while.
The people I seem to love and want always drift away
and the ones I really don't care for keep sticking around.
But I will find the right guy and only marry once.
She also said something about having 3 children
2 boys and 1 girl
I don't know how much of this I like to believe
but she did read me pretty good.
Which leads me to another topic...
I got lots of friends 
but the ones I consider 'best'
are the ones that can read me like if I were a book.
God knows I'm very difficult to comprehend 
but He made it so that when I find these certain peeps
I don't have to struggle at explaining the insides of my head.
The constant struggle I battle to be understood.
These people just need to listen to a few words I have to say and can complete my sentences.
Now the theory I've come up for this is a bit strange
but I believe it has to do with the chemical balance of people.
This means that no words need to be spoken,
just by sight it can trigger the souls.
If I continue explaining I know I will lose you but for the ones that do understand
I guess I shall meet you one day 

You can call it soul mates
I shall repeat...
today was one of the BESTest days ever! 

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