Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Day 3 of p90x
Y O G A 
let me tell you something and this you can quote.
Anyone who says yoga is for whimps,
they have never tried it before.
I'm drenched in sweat
(something that didn't happen day 1 or 2)
I crashed so many times!
Having the little monsters running around didn't help as much.
Try doing the Crane and having Gaga jumping in your face.
Not FUN!
Then, I tried locking them out of my room
and they kept scratching the door to go inside.
I thought we had to be peaceful
and have nothing obstructing our serenity?
Guess not!
legs / back / abs
I feel it already!

Tip of the day:
Do your best, forget about the rest!

A M A S T 


  1. can you do those crazy push ups that i believe are in the core workout? i could never do them

  2. Push ups are my least favorite thing to doooo!
    in the core work out what i can't do is the banana rolls!
    i think you're talking about the chest/arms/shoulders workout
    which comes with all these crazy pushups
    i try my very best to do at least one of eachh.. ha ha!