Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is it! ! ! 
three hundred and sixty-five days of blogging.
Thought of quitting plenty of times...
disappointed when posts were held against me
but I did it!
I'm not a quitter
I wanted to end with a BIG bang today
and it happens to be a FULL moon as well.
All the times I was mocked because I wanted to inspire people..
guess what?
Today I was given what I wanted.
A person (who's not very fond of my 365) decided to show me their new
wallpaper photo on their blackberry...
when I go and check out the photograph it looked very familiar.
It was a photo shot by ME!
This person was so in denial but I was able to go through my posts
and show the original source 
My Blog!
In spanish you call that:
Galleta sin manos
a slap with no hands
! ! ! 

This year I was given too many lessons to learn and I'll share them with you.

I learned that spoken words will never affect the person to whom they were directed towards.
People will envy and you will drown in their negativity 
if you decide to take a listen. 

I also learned that Karma,
no matter what...
will come back for you!

Do the things that make you happy
be a dork if you please!

Always share your creativity
if they get shot down,
share them with different people.
"What ifs" will kill you in the long run.

Don't regret anything that once made you smile.

Dream BIG!
real real BIG!
and have a lot of dreams.
It doesn't matter if one dream doesn't relate to the other one.
No one ever said life has to make sense.  

There's no such thing as a real world
and as for grown-ups... I have yet to meet one!

Relating life to lyrics of a song
will always be fun!

I know you are going to sit there and criticize this one.
It's okay...
all I have to ask is this:
How do you want to be remembered when you pass on?

Today I received devastating news...
an elementary school friend past away.
RIP Steven Guarin
I know you were sick 
and I know you're at ease now.

I <3 you guys
and I will definitely miss this.

goodbye 365 
Its been a beautiful journey. 


  1. You did it!!! You completed a task you set to finish! I'm so proud of you! I love it! You ended with a bang! I'm going to miss your posts and pics. I say ENCORE!! Life after 365 :)

  2. I hope you go another year in your 365! You're about to graduate.. it's time to document this new chapter in your life :)

  3. so you restartomg this blog.. blogging isn't fun without you. I really love this post. so happy you finished it! and that you "inspired" me to start it.. i'm seeing a completely different side of me that i didnt know i had in me! i love you boo boo! start this again. Your blog fans need to know if you passed the boards! I'm sorry, they need to know when you pass the boards because you will do great!!!! i loveyou!

  4. aww you guys lol !
    i'll think about it.
    I'll need a tripod ! next project will just be SP's