Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three Hundred and Thirty-Seven

I honestly believe 
G a G a 
is a 
m o n s t e r !
Her first day on a leash and you should have seen her.
Not to mention the other monster running away from me.
I had to run 3 blocks to catch him!
Guess what I started today?
ouch ! ! !
I know x is for x-treme!
how bout p?
So it turns out I slacked for the upcoming marathon this month.
But I still am doing this walkathon on Saturday with the dogs.
The question is...
Are you going?

What's going on in the world?
well for starters...
 today the 2nd earth quake hit Chile.
Of course stronger than the first one that occur sometime this week
and of course over 8.0 magnitude
And because of this earthquake
the Earth moved a certain way
that caused us less time in a day.
That's right we no longer have 24 hours in a day!
1.23 microseconds got deleted off the face of this planet!
We're heading to 2012 faster than we thought!
Tsunami warnings in several places around the world
(including US)
what's really going on!?!?
we need to take care of mother Earth

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