Monday, May 18, 2009


first day of clinic and im assigned to do clinic monitor. I was basically the maid for the day. I decontaminated phones countertops restocked.... EVERYTHING! Anywho i got a phone call from work today.... Lil miss coworker doesn't want to work w. Me... Now tomorrow let's see how that goes. :( i hate confrontations!!!!

On a happier note.... Madie just had a baby!!!!! Joshua is sooo cute! He's toes are his best features. He has loooooong littletoes and super soft!!! He's gorgeous! 

 On the wayy out of the hospital i bathed myself on a May rain-shower ::destined for good luck:: I guess we'll see if Cubans really know their superstitions! OH.. i started a diet today or maybe just eating less. I have less than a month for my BIG 21 and i must look sexy!

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