Monday, May 11, 2009


First day back at school..
need to get books..
and I'm super duper BROKE!
Orlando took every penny of me.
But whatever I'll recuperate somehow.
Work called me today and said they need me to be permanent
so that maybe a good sign. I need to focus really hard on school.
I am not planning on struggling this semester. I need to plan ahead of time
and to Elliott... he's just going to need to understand... which i know he doesn't mind
because right now he's at a friend's house. He should also start focusing on school..
because by the end of this year (2010) I will be leaving... where to?? hopefully cali..
But Miami I'm leaving for good. Or at least from my home... I need to do something with my life. And I do not want to get held back by anything or anyone. I will take Monchi with me...
and that's all the company i need. (yeahhh right)

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