Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today I did a couple of things. I got up real early and headed to Treasure Island Elementary. There I looked inside students' mouth for possible cavities, malocclusion, in need of dental cleaning, gum problems, and need of sealants. There was one little girl who really really got my attention. First she was a very cute little girl. Her skin was tan and her eyes were very light. When this girl grows up I know for sure she'll be a model. However, when I looked inside her mouth I saw things I've never seen before in my entire dental career. I spoke to the little girl so clear and broke down to her 6 year old vocabulary. Hopefully she seeks professional help soon. This has inspired me so much more to teach. I had done a service learning not that long ago, in which I taught VPK and Kindergardeners how to properly brush they're teeth. Not only did I teach them that, but also I showed them what dental hygienists and dentists are suppose to wear before they get inside the oral cavity. Many professionals now-a-days take advantage of the fact that little kids do not know that they should wear certain protective gears in order to work on them. It's rewarding to leave a classroom knowing that these kids have learned something from you and possibly make better of themselves. After I become a registered dental hygienist, I would love to continue my education and become some kind of educator. 

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