Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy mother's day to all... even though i'm still a little upset at my mom.. i have to thank her for giving me LIFE!! a day at the keys spent with the babester's family and now at home having some garlic bread with wine. =DDD and then i wonder why i'm sooo FAT!! GOOD NEWS!! Leslie found her camera so i will be keeping you updated on some pictures! =DD im so glad she found it... but she had to go to orlando right now! well the whole day.. but hey i would go too! So Monchi is doing a lot better. and guess what.... Tomorrow.. back to dam fregging school! AH! like my week was not long enough @ all! well there's nothing left to say... I can't wait for the pictures.. im ES-TACTIC !!!!!!!!!!!! 
i hope u guys like my shirt

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