Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today has been the laziest day ever... not only that but filled with arguments. I don't understand why the heck my mother has been so angry at me. I have not been here for the past week and I get home and she's all AHHHHHHHHHH! I know she's having problems with dad but man don't take it out on me. @ ALL! There's no food in the house and all I hear her saying is that all I do is study and work.... Last time I checked that was the right thing to do. I don't know man... I come home stressed and she just makes it worst. As for Monchi.. He's good. He's slept the whole day with me. And now Im going to have to leave him because I'm going to the Keys with Elliott and his family. He kinda pissed me off too. Because I'm here telling him what's going on and he did not respond to nothing. Next time i won't tell him CRAP! I don't know.. I think im about to get period and maybe this is why everything is coming @ me the wrong way. Another bad news... Leslie lost her camera.. and all the Orlando pictures have been terminated. =/

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