Friday, May 8, 2009


so im back from Orlando.. on the way back home all I could possibly think about is giving hugs and kissies so Monchi.. I received some bad news almost getting to Miami, Monchi was ill. Of course I exaggerated it a bit. But when I got home and saw the little one... I was very very sad. The thing is I still don't even know what he has. My brother said that he had a flea in his ear. But I googled that crap and it's called ear mites I think. I hate the fact that no one called me to let me know I what was happening. Now tomorrow I have to call the Vet so he can give me the complete diagnosis on him. I know that now we are giving him ear drops and that every time we give him the dosage, you can hear his screams from a two block radius. I also researched that if the ear mites are left untreated.. they can cause permanent deafness. =/
I'm really worried about my little munchkin. 

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