Monday, May 11, 2009


I don't know how many rough patches there has been with my mother... but another one just happened. You know she is financially supporting me right now. But there is soo much more than just money and those are the parts she lacks. She needs to understand that I'm not only her daughter but a woman as well. I've been so sensitive and I blame her for at least 75% of my emotional crisis. The other 25% deals with school and my menstrual cycle and possibly my boyfriend. But goodness gracious she's soo HARDCORE! I don't know what she is lacking in life right now. I know she's going through menopause but DAWM... no one said it will be this hard. She's making me upset with everyone. She makes me act like some kind of ticking bomb. I take it off on all the wrongs persons. And this totally affects my school stuff. Especially now that i just started this summer semester. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO STRUGGLE! I want to be very focused. I want to try and make all A's. Not only that but I am taking a course that does not relate to anything of Dental hygiene. It's math and I'm taking it virtually. Meaning I need to spend more hours on the comp. And not have ADD and wonder off to myspace... facebook... or blogger lol! which i am right now. I'm suppose to be applying for financial Aid. =/ But yeah... anyway she's totally annoying me and she's making me really angry and upset. I want to scream and bitch but FUCK im too tired to do that. I hate fighting with her. I feel like there is no use. She will never listen and she will never ever ever understand. I'm not trying to sound emo and make it dramatic. It's seriously how i feel right now. She makes me just want to stay in my room and not do anything. This is why i need to be out of my house as soon as I wake up till the time she is about to go to sleep. Seriously. Well i have to go... I should shower. Kelly Clarkson Video 

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