Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Hundred and Three

First day of our Community Project
Our lesson was on Nutrition
It looks like Jessica was having a very interesting conversation.

Meet Maria.
She has a chihuahua just like Monchi

Our lesson included an activity
you had to cut off all 'healthy' foods
and paste it on the healthy plate
Pure success!

Leaving the center I passed by
the facility where I did my high school clinicals.
As I was searching for a particular person...
I found her!
Ms. Ballou you will always be a BIG influence in my life.
It's funny how you think about a person and
they pop out of no where.

And then later on...
I learned how to break dance.
its really hard.
Freezing is NO joke
a picture will be shown
but someone likes to make private of all her photos
so I couldn't retrieve it!
until next time
good night.

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