Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Hundred and Eighty-Six

Shooting range today.
I had three goal targets I wanted to accomplish before I left the range:
My first round was 7 yards and I accomplish all 3 targets ! ! !
Don't mess with me... I'm on a row!
I know I keep repeating this but 2010 is definitely an awesome year!

Check this out:
Today my cousin introduced me to this website that works a lot like FML.
Its named: mylifeistwilight.
Coincidentally, I can post a true story that happened tonight:

My friend and I were chatting about Twilight and how he likes it but doesn't think much of it.
He said, "I won't go and get a tattoo of it or shirts and stuff."
I automatically assumed that he knew I had one and was just mocking me.
But then I gave it some thorough thought, and there is no possible way he knows!
Okay, so maybe I didn't hear correctly let me ask,
"Did you really just say tattoo of Twilight?"
"Yeah, why?"
"umm, because I have a tattoo of Twilight."
"Oh shit! Really?"
Trying to spit the three letter words out of my laughter, "yeeeees!"

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