Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Hundred and Eighty-One

If I would have rolled up those pants higher
and showed them knees...
all you would see are bruises and scrapes
the floor has been a very intimate friend of mine lately.
Today while running my 4 mile run...
my muscles decided to lock and yepp
enough said..
fell not once
but TWICE!
2 is definitely my lucky number.
Did I mention is freezing outside?
rumors have it that it should snow sometime this week.
then again.. its just r u m o r s .
School is back
and I'm glad!
This whole bum status was making me fat and aggressive.
I need to feel productive.
I got a feeling this semester will FLY by.
must stay F O C U S E D !
by the way...
Monchi says
"suck it!"
poor little fella...
he's been shaking more than he's usual amount.
Chihuahuas aren't meant for the cold weather.

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