Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Hundred Fifty-Five

Did you know that now Publix had indicators to let you know what is organic
and what is not?
I was impressed.
I did a whole bunch of studying today
and a lot of fun stuff too
Jessica and I organized how exactly we will study for
the comprehensive exam which is in
2 weeks!
But we organized pretty good
hopefully we go as planned.

Later on,

I worked for the first time as a valet parker.
It was nice.
I enjoyed it
I was charging the guest
at first I did a couple of mess ups
but I quickly fixed it
My dad was proud
he said he will take me more often
He said I have good people attitude.
Finally a compliment.
He always has a complaint
just like he's father.
I got paid $100 for the night
I needed that
I gotta pay bills
and that stupid CLICKER
we will never use.

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