Monday, August 10, 2009

One Hundred Thirty-Six

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans,
or they'll treat you like dogs."
-Martha Scott

So Monday..
2 more weeks of vacation and then back to school
I feel like the break was just 2 seconds!
How am I suppose to miss it if we have to come right back?
I worked today... the first and only day of the week because the doctor
is going on vacation.. however she's leaving on Friday
so I'm guessing something went wrong with her planning.
Any who it was extremely busy. I mean I barely had a chance to eat lunch.
But whatever I like it like that. Time flies supper duper fast and before I know it
it's time to go already.
I worked out also.
which I got a beautiful souvenir from it.
Since I didn't stop running until I completed the 3 laps
I didn't notice my thunder thighs were rubbing up against each other.
So both my thighs have nasty burns
And it hurts.
That's what I get for having huge thighs.
So I made watermelon popsicles
they were tasty however
Monchi just kept smelling it
and not falling for it.
He only likes Fatty Foods.
ohh and I missed half of teen choice awards.

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