Monday, August 24, 2009

One Hundred Fifty

Back to Basics
today school started.
Started eating healthy again
started working out too.
And now I'm watching Tru Blood
First episode.
I decided not to mention anything that bothers me anymore
I will just write them down
and when they get to _
I will share it
Tru Blood sucks
horrible acting
accent is not real
everyone's teeth are MESSED up
including the main character's
the vampire is not sexy
it so did not attract me to it one bit.
Jessica said to watch the next episode but it got late.

Ampy had these in her desk today and I thought they were so pretty.
I'm a big fan of sunflowers and orchids
but the colors of these just made me so attracted to them.
I wish he knew I like the cute simple things.
Is that he does know but he just doesn't do them.
Why did I fall in love again?
That's just my mean talk

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