Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Hundred Fifty-Two

Today would have been the first day of school
if it wasn't that Miami-Dade didn't change their policy.
Anyways, I went to the freshman orientation that left me at a stage of shock
I still cannot believe I am a senior
I remember looking at the clinic manual and reading stuff
that only applied to clinic 4 and 5
and thinking to myself,
I wish I was there already...
guess what?
I'm there already
it feels like just yesterday.
Anyways, today we had communities
and I think that this will be my favorite class
When I had to do the service learning
back in clinic 1 or 2
(can't really remember)
I enjoyed it so much.
And this is what this class is all about.
From now on, every time I hear
"The Climb"
from Miley Cyrus
I will forever think of Dental Hygiene
Dr. Kass had passed outthe lyrics to the song
and to me it was very meaningful
ok... skipping the emo part.
after class, Lellanis, Jessica, and I
were talking about prego and I walked into the sign that's above.
So I took it as a sign:
Lellanis is pregnant
and the way the sun was hitting
I think she's having a boy.
watch and see ladies and gents
I know you're reading
I really messed up tonight
took respect and shoved it out the door
(more like slammed it)
I blew it

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