Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Hundred Thirty-Seven

I love how music inspires me to do so much
it's the door to any emotion
today could have been an extremely bad day because of the news i received
(read below if interested)
But yes 3 special tracks changed my day to a different point of view.
I'm not say complete 180 but it made me pass the bad time
not only that but my friends as well.... lol
I got creative and started doing a video of Monchi's birthday
that might get posted here. who knows
Well the creativity i have to thank
the Avett brothers and Noah and the Whales
Well it's really thanks to Lauren who posted her video on her blog
and I saw it and of course my mind started lol.
I hope she reads this right now
because I also saw that she wrote she doesn't like mentioning her ideas
I think it's awesome to be very open about your ideas
if she wouldn't have posted her video
I wouldn't have gotten creative and my day would have been HORRIBLE!
Yeah it sucks that sometimes your ideas lead to someone's fame and fortune
but I am a great believer in Karma, whether good or bad
It does exist.

Since I started doing my video I've been thinking about a great soundtrack to put
since I've been so lyrical today
And i ran through Jack Johnson's
Upside down
and I found a Winner.
This song has made me smile.
I think I'm finally back.

I broke my piggy bank today
All for some tasty HazelNut Ice Coffees from Mickey D's
It was just right! But it never fails Jessica always has some more after I finish.

Ever woken up to bad news?
Why is it that women always suffer?
Since Adam and Eve we have always had the worst end compare to men. For Adam, he had to sweat for his food. Dont' women have to do that too?
As a matter of fact everyone has to do that labor in order to live.
Now for Eve, she could have bore children without pain, but because she did wrong, now she and the rest of women have to bore children through pain. Come on! Only women can become pregnant. Why the heck can this pain be shared among women and men?
It took us forever to gain rights in this lovely place we call Land of the Free. Even today a BLACK man became President before a woman. So where does it leave us women? We are at the bottom of the food chain compare to everyone else. In other cultures, women are slaves to their husbands while their husbands have other wives. Why do we let this happen to us?
While I have a theory for that question, I don't wish to write about that today.
Rather the pain and suffering us women go through. Which can never ever be felt by another gender.
We are hit daily with double standards. Men can have sex with whomever and be called PIMPS, while women try to have that much fun and then they're called SLUTS.
Even women bashes their own gender when we get higher rankings at life. (Hence the reason why we don't upscale in this world, because we are so busy trying to do our selves, then actually helping women kind.)
Now that I think about it, women are born with a distinct calling. We want to be independent. We want to be so competitive at what we do, that we forget to help other women trying to be like us. We are helpers in people calling us what they do.
In today's music culture, men want these independent woman. Miss Independent, one that can cook, clean, pay her own bills, etc. Why isn't there a song were the lyrics are dedicated to men? We are getting programed to live this kinda life. Because that's what men want us to do to make it so much easier for them. I don't know if I am making so much sense in writing but it's making enough sense inside my head. Why do we once again have to have a standard of living in order to impress the media. That's why I love TLC, they actually went Public when they stated they want NO SCRUBS! Then later on Destiny's Child comes up with Can You Pay My Bills? Going to the right direction but not quite we still have these men top of the charts.
I'm feeling very feminist right now because seriously, we don't get treated right. I've always heard that God made men first because he needed a rough draft... but men have it very easy. During my pathology class, almost always the risk factor to every disease is WOMEN. (Quick confession, in my tests, I always circled the 'women' answer.) It seems like our gender has to do some tune finning because we always have the worst diseases and pain.
And who said men are stronger than women? Who said men can tolerate more pain than women? I've seen men at the dentist office FLIP out when they have to get numb. I've seen tears in their eyes. Just yesterday I was assisting for an 11 year old female getting fillings on 2 teeth. The doctor told her she needs to get numb because the decay might have gotten in the nerve, and she looked at me in the eyes and I saw her hand come up. She took a hold of it a tighten it real hard. No tears just very hard grip. Unfortunately for me, she grabbed the hand that has the ring, and my hand was pulsating. But I couldn't let go. She was alone and she was just so brave. And that's just one example. I have a whole bunch.
Like always, my point gets lost somewhere in this essay. All I'm saying is, when the hell is it that women will finally get a chance to break free? We need to work together. God needs to find remedies for all of these disease that women are risk factors for and flip them to men. I think men need to suffer a little in order for them to see how much we go through. They need to give labor. They need to get domestically abused. They need to get rejected for not being big breast and blonde. They need to feel the pain.

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