Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Hundred Fifty-Six

Why is it that I never eat sushi with a boy?
So I finally saw the one time summer movie I've been wanting to see.
Too bad it wasn't with the person who I first said to watch it with me.
C'est la vie
Someone decided to bring their baby over to watch the movie as well
and let me tell you that it was so annoying.
I love babies... but don't bring one to a 10pm showtime
You know your baby is going to cry.
Then they get mad because they're getting shhhhed at
of course you're going to get reprimanded.
RUDE and CHEAP people
too broke to afford a babysitter

The movie brought back so many good memories
but I know I can never have that with him anymore.
Because whatever we both have become,
we do not have the undo buttons
to go back and start over again.
Maybe it is better this way.
who knows?
I will be a Dental Hygienist
by the end of this year
that I do know
and I also know I will start seeking
on travel plans
maybe a study abroad.
Those are the goals
I know how to control
and I am sticking to those.

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