Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Hundred Forty-Eight

"I got a skunk in my cup
If you smell it come and get it
shawty i don't give a %$#@"

Skig love..
haa the good old days.
They are slowly coming back.
I spoke to him today.
I mentioned someone I thought I was going to regret.
But I think it actually made him think.
Let's see what happens.
Nothing freaking happened.
He doesn't notice anything.
Maybe like a 3 hour convo with the sister
I think she's the only one that I can speak to bout him.
It's weird because she's not my sister but I know she reasons with who ever actually has it.
And she sees things that I do that he can't.
AHH why can't it be vice versa?

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