Monday, July 13, 2009

One Hundred-Eight

DAY 2:
went to school thought my patient was going to suck!! but it turned out she will be my new FINAL! sooo im taking my final now on MONDAY! (wish me Luck) she has really perfect teeth.. she said that she brushed like 239847986 a day! Today the texting was 'normal' BUT later on.. we got into another bug storm! maybe this isn't suppose to work. maybe we are just suppose to be friends forever. I mean that's the only way I can talk to him and he can be good with me! Besides the fact.. today I met this brilliant girl that goes by the name of Karol (i think thats how you spell it) well yeah we were both using the computers @ the library and then some guy decided to talk to her about her tattoos and then since i have ADD i decided to look over there. We started talking.. she's studying to be a nurse but has passion for art... she's a gemini.. she keeps a book of doodles that i must say that they are not doodles. She found the perfect gemini symbol. We both agreed that gemini symbols are the ugliest ones in the zodiac. i mean anyone can draw a II who can't.. so she found this amazing drawing of two angels one playing a harp and the other one i forgot the other instrument. I SWEAR if i see her again im going to ask her if i can take a pic of it. She also keeps fortune cookie messages. And then since I've never bonded with another gemini we started talking about each other to see if we are alike. We both would love to do everything in this world. And then I realized that it's not the fact that we want to do it.. but the actual idea is the one that causes the excitement. Like right now with this whole break.. yeah sometimes im in a downer.. but at times I'm like ok this is new. which takes me to another subject.. we love change. We connected very much. I stopped doing my NSPT report and everything it was really neat. And since she's in nursing she incorporated a lot of the anatomy structures in her drawings. It was really cool. So i learned something yesterday.. 42.7 percent of statistics are made up on the spot! lol! i thought that was hilarious! and another little thing to keep you wonder...
BUT THIS IS DEEP SO PAY ATTENTION: What if the people who 'see' things.. like hallucinations.. what if they are not the crazy ones.. what if we're just blocked from seeing it and really they have the gift to just oversee that. Why is it that everything that we cannot see is 'taboo' yet we believe in a God who is invisible to most of us? What if we are the smallest things in this planet? What if we are all just experiments from another Galaxy? lol I know I just threw a lot of things there to absorb but yeah we went really deep. And this is exactly what I miss from my babycakes. the fact that i cannot express my mind to him anymore... =/ By the way.. what does the photo make you think about? To me it expresses that we are going into fire.. or that we are trying to see if there it's possible to leave the dull life behind and go into something different.

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