Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Hundred

So 4th of July Celebration ended at Dolce. Once again coincidentally, I met up with Yensi, however this time he was with Yule too. So the whole night I spent it with them. It was nice because I found out that yensi has a dancing side to him that I have never met. I originally went with Laura but she left me for a boy which was all good cause I had 2 with me. Afterwards, I went to babuh's house where I basically saw the sun come up... we went to sleep at around 7 after some great LOVE making... let me tell you it's still indescribable =D totally breathless. Any who.. we woke up at around 3:40 pm and then there was a ghetty at his house with all his friends and stuff. jose kept bragging about some arbor mist lol =DD i looove that shit. ohh and the hubby and I had a talk today. starting from now on... we have to have a creative alone time.. =D soo let's see how creative we get. He's birthday is coming up! I need to start getting creative with his present.

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