Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Hundred-Six

Ms. Yanira sent me a pic text message of the cover of this magazine
as I was reading it
yehhh that's how our friendship is
we are always thinking the same thing
is like she's stuck in my head
any who i got all dressed up for someone today
and I got stood up
I think this was the last straw
but now as I am currently text talking
I see I can't let go
Yeah we've been at this for only 7 months
but we have a wayy tighter bond
for just 7 months.
did everything happen to quick?
I seriously never thought this day would come.
The day I ran out of words and just drew a blank
all i wanted was slurpies
all i wanted was hugs and kisses
did i ask for them in a way I was not suppose to?
is it the age difference?
I really don't know but now I'm here just wondering
what the HECK happen to us
what's the definition of a break?
what are the rules?
I've never had this before
my last relationship I must admit it was childish
but this one, we actually speak
and respect
so am I suppose to just break as time
words become useless when it comes to describing
the questions in my head.
yes they make perfect sense inside
but to translate them to human english
makes me babble and just nonsense comes out
I don't know how this last song ends....
to be continued.

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