Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Hundred-Ten

My superman who later discovered had mouthful of cavities.

Day4: So today was even better.. well the truth is that it's only eight o' clock. I don't know how the night will take me.. But you know what I also discovered today? You people who are reading this must think I'm psycho. But truth of the matter is when Im escalated to the clouds and the sky like a kite... I tend to recite the must unique thoughts in my mind. So I have given it some more thoughts. Him and I are always a thing, however, throughout the years of memories I've noticed a pattern that always comes alive. It's always in the summer when him and I are at our highest. I remember summers ago it's always when we seem to be exchanging kisses and phrases. So what happen this summer? Well since I guess it's the year when it's finally official then I guess now it gets more tense.
Any ways I battled with my friend today because of the whole atheism vs. scientology :
There isn't a proper answer to this; the only thing "atheists" have in common is that they do not believe in God (or gods) and therefore do not believe the universe was created by a god. Atheists as a group are defined by what they DON'T believe, rather than by what they believe, so there is no particular consensus. True, a great many subscribe to the big bang theory, followed by evolution in one form or another. Others believe that the universe has always existed. Many others readily admit that they don't know how the universe was created, and don't believe that anyone will ever know. Others have unique theories all of there own. It's important to remember that Atheism is not a doctrine in itself, but a term describing absence of a specific doctrine.
I guess because if this my friend is so confused that they believe in a certain something.. What I believe was so ignorant about her was the fact that she chose to believe that there is no other belief in the world except evolution. Evolution is and will always be a theory until someone discovers and half human/half monkey being. The thing with me is that I am open to any thing and everything but... I also believe that since I am open their are a lot of thoughts and many beliefs on how the world and life is brought upon. Clearly stating that is a belief but NO MAN has ever actually stated the actual truth on who life and world is created. So what ever you believe in you have to know there are others and not just your own.

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