Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Hundred-Three

So I thought I was going to complete my mother today.
But apparently everyone else had to see Ms. Moss today
I didn't trip b/c I seriously don't need the points.
I'm already over 4 points
I did do a lot of requirements today...
All 3 graceys
and all 3 sharpening instruments
so I did ACCOMPLISH something.
Now I need to finish the NSPT report
and the Self Assessment
and Bite wings
and I will finish!
sooo heading off to a good foot.
As for pharm..
AHHH I'm not going to remember anything friday
We haven't had class for the past 2 weeks
We have HW due
that i have not done yet!
Like always... everything to the LAST minute!
I went to the water park as planned yesterday
it was a really nice park.
except for the fact that we brought the bad weather with us.
that didn't stop me from getting pictures.
everything resembled a painting from Britto
It was a nice experience
PLUS our receipts count as rain checks
for ONE whole year!
I got INCUBUS ticket today
$29.99 lawn
no service FEE
Amy and Vero once again
we're making a trio

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