Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Hundred-Two

I swear if this mister can be a model, I would have sign him up a long time ago! can you imagine? Him signing autographs with his cute smelly paws? my dreams come true! Haa! well yeah this spicy lil meatball has stolen my heart like you have no idea. He's just too cute.. I just wish I can train him. I went to a park today to play tennis and there was a little chihuahua fetching the ball and giving it back to his owner. I wish Monchi can do that. But whatever... he's a brat.. a SPOILED little brat. Well tomorrow supposedly I will go to a water park with the babester and Daisy and my dad and carlos.. so let's see.. I will give you my update tomorrow. Today was the memorial to Michael Jackson. It was amazing goosebumps, teary eyes, the whole nine yards. Performances from Usher, Usher (LMAOOOO.. DORy moment for laura and ailyn) John Mayer, Mariah Carey, etc. It was truly amazing. And once again... my dreams on changing this world has been enforced. But I have to stand up b/c no one will just push me to it. I mean that's the purpose of it being a goal. I need to stop letting these distractions get to me.. People talk to bring you down. My dreams are my dreams and not yours. That's why everyone is special and different. If not, we would be robots and everyone would be perfect. So HEARS to my dreams coming true.. Some Day!

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