Friday, July 24, 2009

One hundred-nineteen

With one week left of summer classes..
our class decided to throw a potluck
we had doughnuts, lasagna , these little rolls of cheese ham and other stuff that were delicious.
Besides food, we had a lot of fun... there was nothing being said of pharmacology and clinic
it was just actual conversation. It was enjoyable.
Next week pharm. final!

Then after school, another fun-filled afternoon with Jesso Dezzle.
I love my friends. We can be stupid together and not care.
(As long as there is no one around lol)

P.S I saw Ugly Truth today...
I decided to end my relationship b/c someone decided to call and report at 8 pm
I was a whole day without knowing where he was... and he was not home he was out and about with his friends and he couldn't spare 5 seconds of his day to call me and tell me what he's up to. And of course at 8 he started spilling excuses on why he couldn't call me. I don't need that crap. It's bad enough I don't see him ever. Now I need to hear excuses. I've never been so disappointed at him like this. I thought he was better than this. I thought he actually was respectful and kind. Whatever moving on.. I went with the future pilot. The movie is great I totally recommend it to anyone! Heigel is the shiiiit thank god she is not quiting grey's.

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