Friday, July 10, 2009

One Hundred-Five

You know I hate when parents tell you the infamous phrase
"You don't want to be flipping burgers for the rest of your life kid."
Flipping burgers is a difficult task and not everyone
is built to fulfill it.
What if someone wants to flip burgers for the rest of their life
better yet... what if no one wants to flip burgers
McDonald's wouldn't exist
Nor Burger King
nor Wendys
and so on.
SO you gotta give it up for those burger FLIPPERS
b/c if it wasn't for them..
some of us here in America wouldn't eat.
This takes me to another subject...
everyone is talking about the economy down scaling
and so forth...
And no one can find a job and blah blah blah..
but then you go to restaurants or shopping stores
and the customer service is horrendous.
I'm sorry.. last time I check 298374 people can fill your spot..
so why the heck are you acting like if you can't be replaced?
But then that leads me to favoritism and discrimination.
Miami is sooo FULL of BALONY !
I can't wait till I move out!

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