Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Hundred-Seven

DAY 1:
so I woke up early (no good morning text) went out with Cindy and her man and a friend to go Jet Skiing. While I was getting ready I heard my mom talking to Cindy saying how back in the days even if there was no money her and her friends use to go to the beach and drink some wine and have fun. I guess she was defending me! Yeah, that was a FIRST! But no, I'm not going to lie, lately she's been on my side for almost everything. She still trips for no reason but yeah she has my back! I went to BK and no lie, I saw like 3 corvettes and not the shiny brand new ones, BUT the old old ones. And what did I want to do? But of course take a pic and email it to someone! But i bit my tongue and NOPE I did not! Because we are on a break. The best part of today was when the Jet Ski was going 60 MPH and the wind was so loud I couldn't hear myself think. All I had was the waves and wind blasting in my ear and the occasional splashed of salt water in my face. Having nothing to think about is a HARD task to accomplish. Your mind is always running on thoughts. But I have to admit today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had a pretty good time. BUTTTT! then ... like always you get home, and your family is here and once again the 21 questions from your uncle... "donde esta ellio?" "por que yo no lo veo por aqui?" AHHHHHH! why can't everyone just SHUT UP! OH and then I have ms. RIVERO texting me... why are you lonely? when yesterday she was telling me how she doesn't know why SHE bothered texting me. Now she's just doing it for the cheese. I HATE GIRLS! Okay I confess.. I just text him. I couldn't help myself! Wish me luck!

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