Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Hundred-Nine

DAY 3: good bye mom and papi. they left me to D.R. today early in the morning! yeah.. this photo was shot like at 6 in the am. i think i was too tired to even check. I could be lying maybe a little later than that b/c now that i remember i DID look at my phone and I saw a message from him saying "good morning." So it was like around 9! lol I'm such an exaggerator! any who today was an eventful day.. the only texts today were the ones just mentioned above! so yeh.. BUT i have good news... I have a good feeling about this today.. but before I get onto the drama.. I must inform you on what I did today. I made engagements to meet up with an old friend of mine (and her nieces) to have a pool day. It was fun.. I ate some of her cultural food i guess. lol... fish arabian rice tomati and beets! (MIND YOU SHE'S BRAZILIAN) lol! but all i could say is that it's very different than to how my mom cooks it. Then I went to Jordi's game which he lost! the moment i got there he was batting and he made a HOMERUN! but still those kids are good. PLUS MONCHI almost made a homerun for them!! he got loose and he started running all over the field. EVERYONE had to chase him. According to my brother, he said that the empire was super PIST! but whatever.. is not like if i did it on purpose. SORRRY!!! dammit! Then i worked out.. and I went out with Lisette because she was super mad because I did not tell her that I was single. So we went to go see 'My Sister's Keeper' wow....!!! let me tell you that that movie does not play! when they said DRAMA .. they really meant it! Cameron Diaz plays a perfect role and so does that little girl that also plays in 'Definitely Maybe' and the father need i say he's HOTTTT! and the other sister KATE! wow... her role was to the T!! she was fantastic! Anyway GREAT movie!! a lot of tears shed. And after we spoke about the infamous BREAK i am currently in.. and that's when everything hit me.. the reason for this break and the outcome of it.... I must say i got help from some movie preview... I think it is called.. 'The Wife of the Time Traveler' I must see it when it comes out. But yeah.. I know that he loves me.. and I know most certainty why he needs this time alone. Yes everyone can tell me what they think.. if they were in his or my shoes.. but no one knows what's going on. I can try and put 38702937 million negative things in my head on why he put this 'break' on us... but i know that thats bologna (like the commercial) I know that he's going through rough times... and most importantly his mind level is not where mine is @ the moment. He is still thinking about friends etc. and stuff while I'm thinking more about us and more futuristic levels. And he knows that physically it could be impossible for him to jump on the level with me.. b/c where he is standing @ the moment. And that's why he needs time to gather thoughts and try to grow to where I am at. But what he doesn't know is that I know this nor that by just communication of his actual problems, we can foresee this. Hence the fact he is 19 and I am 21.
So yeah he needs to grow a little.. just a little in order for him to realize that this is just a bump.. and by talking we can get through it. And also I am not helping with just stating my problems only when I am about to pop! that is also unreasonable from me but HEY thats the reason why we must grow together. Yet he knows that I wanna have fun and that while he's doing this maturing, I really don't have to be there with him getting all the nasty side effects this growing contraindicates. So yeh.. I know I made up all this conclusion in my head. But yeah this is not a movie.. this is elliott and susan.. the peeps who met each other a loong time ago and with the simple help of a shooting star, all of this happened. So I just needs to do exactly what he told me to do. Which is 'everything I want' in order to wait it out while he is maturing. Simplicity! See Wall-E also had to change a little in order for Eve and him to be together. He was so stuck on the old.. he couldn't digest all the new stuff that Eve can do. =D Another reason why Wall-E is soo perfect for us. (I'm wearing the shirt) ok tell me this isn't freaking HE JUST TEXTED ME!!! and as soon as I was going to write... my phone froze and RESET.. AHHHHH should I take it as a sign?

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