Thursday, June 18, 2009


So finally the day we are officially SENIORS! never thought this day would come... I swear it has been pretty quick but very challenging. So many things that I've learned, so many friendships I've gained. So many people I've met. It's truly rewarding. I'm not saying it's a piece of cake. It really is not! but if you put you're mind to it.. and you are positive, it can happen. I think it's like that with everything you put your mind into. Last year I was so immature and now I see all the old stuff turn unimportant. I even care about what I eat and how healthy it would be or not.
ANYWAYS... changing subjects. today we met our little sister. What I thought was going to happen didn't and I thank God for that. HOWEVER, someone close to me did get her as a little sister. But whatever at the end of the day, I am a senior, she is a freshman, and I am over and done with the situation and I am truly happy. That's all I can say.... On another note.... I forgot what PPE stands for lol (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT) but it was a FUN activity, all thought by ME! so I feel proud of that! the freshmen and seniors got a KICK out of it. Some of the professors did to. Honestly.. today was a good day. TOMORROW however, is the PERIO FINAL! and I have to study so I'm gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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