Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Reminds me of the good old days... when getting on a plane and going to a place where you know no one is normal... the person who is meeting you up at the airport you know nothing of except she's nice and pretty. When you see her you know who she is because you've been skyping for about a month now but you know nothing of her background. Getting in the car with her, her boyfriend, and some friends was super weird yet comfortable. Looking out the window and thinking "WOW what have I done? I'm actually in California, is this real?" Thinking I was in some kind of dream and any minute now my alarm would sound and I'm back again in Miami. But no it was real and I lived this and everyday I think about it at least for just two seconds and think I have a wild side to me and I love it. Things like this you hear about it from friends of friends, yet I experienced it. I love my life and everything that happens to me. Good or bad.. If I wouldn't have had a bad relationship, maybe I would feel safe and warm and never as brave as I felt those five hours as I was switching states. Blame it on the ex but yet again thank him for leaving me to wonder the bits of perfection still left in me. The one's he never took time to see.. the ones that now get more and more complemented by the new boy toy. I wish I could continue but I'm running low on batt.

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