Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy birthday to me!!! finally 21! went to school took a quiz.. FAILED took a midterm... FAILED! saw a person who i wish i would have never SEEN! but whatever.. this person is starting the program next year! YES dental hygiene. I still don't know how i feel about that! YIKES! hopefully they don't pick me to be this person's little sister. but whatever everything happens for a reason.. and even though i do not know what the reason is.. it still happens. my friends brought me cupcakes and a tiara. we went to the beach afterwards!!! wet willies was the bomb-diggity! just one ''call a cab'' and i was TIPSY! then fat tuesdays and i was officially wasted! the sun did not HELP the alcohol in my system! by the time i went home.. I took a nap that extended to a deep sleep! i woke up and boogercakes came over. he was a little grouchy today.. because of his sister but whatever! they cut me a cake and my night was over. I was tooo tired to party! thats part of the package when you turn 21.. you also get OLD and SLEEPY and TIRED! babycakes got me the BESTEST present EVER! a bracelet that has everything to do with dental hygiene all the girls broke neck! hee hee! =DD

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