Saturday, June 20, 2009


So yeah sometimes I swear he can make me sooo angry inside. And want to put him in a headlock and just punch him till he bleeds. But then I see this in my phone and I just want to drive over and fill him up with kisses. I don't know what happen last night.. well actually I do. He was being very arrogant and I was not happy with his comments. Besides he made me go to the beach by myself. He also knew I was going to only be there for just a bit but he decided to leave me to be the third wheel while my friend and her boyfriend kiss and cuddled in front of me. Then I get to his house and he keeps with his nasty lil jokes which didn't make the situation any better. But whatever I told him what I had to say... what FREAKING bothered me, and he replies that it's all petty. I mean I'm freaking spilling my guts here... and you're telling me that what bothers me is stupid? Have some respect and at least acknowledge the situation. So I got even more upset and said hasty things. And now he actually wants to be soft. BOYS! can't live with them... can't live without them. I don't know if Britney Spears originally came up with that phrase but whoever did... was in their right minds! lol! Today I got invited to Tia Lourdes Bar-B-Q so let's see what are the outcomes of that. I also need to work on the project that is due on Monday. I hope we make it to the top 5!!!! =D I will be extra excited! Perio was officially over with yesterday! I still haven't received the final grade, maybe tomorrow! who knows!

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