Sunday, June 14, 2009


Woke up with quite a hangover but that didn't stop me from getting up early and getting some sun. TODAY the accomplices were amy verooo and laura! my hair was stilled filled with pins and GLITTER!! i cannot seem to take the stupid shit off!! i have scrubbed with shampoo like 20837 times! i spent the whole day soaked in the ocean and still i have like a pound of glitter in my scalp! the sun was blazing. but who would have thought my ex friend were to towelpark right behind me!? seriously this week has been filled with unexpected visits!! ((Well i wouldn't call them visits...)) anywho... the sun was amazing the ocean tooo! I thought i didn't get sun but BOYY was a wronggggg. i look like i was a selfish little sun holder.. im tomato red in random areas of my body! this whole week i must study for a STUPID FINAL i have on fri!!!!!!!! why can't perio be a 12 week course!? they are bombarding us with soooo many chapters one cannot memorize in 6 weeks! I think im doing good in that course but who knows!

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