Tuesday, June 9, 2009


finally accomplished so many things today
for starters quit my JOB!
finally no more wicked witches
or mean insensitive bosses!
i am earning money now as a temp
(i think i will forever be a temp)
I enjoy it!
getting paid $12/hr
(what I wanted Mr. INSENSITIVE to bump me up to)
working for a female dentist
::women power::
that only does fillings and crowns
she seems very DETAILED
if she really suspects something
she turns it over to another professional
::in other words::
she does her job b/c she wants to help
and not for the money!
if it were for the money
she will try to do anything and everything
for some extra cash in her pants
not only that but did i mention she's a
her daughter
(which i met today)
only eats organic food
::sounds familiar?::
of course... that's exactly what i want to do to my kids
(of course when i have some)
people always make fun of me for saying those 'obscenities'
and so they say...
but i finally found someone
with common grounds
and that someone hired me!
another thing...
we finally did something with the project
i went to the dollar store
and i found a whole bunch
of GREEN things
and we got very creative with our board
we are gonna win FIRST place
no doubt about that!
my birthday is this FRIDAY!
mid term for pharm this friday
quiz on perio this friday

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