Sunday, June 7, 2009


Cirque du Soleil today
it was FREAKING awesome It seriously seriously amazes me how the heck they do all those stunts seriously the show was incredible im glad I didn't miss out o this opportunity Overall my weekend went from totally suckingto totally awesome. One mus always keep in mind that sometimes God takes away things in life only to give you better things it's not about being selfish and confident... it's about believing in yourself RESPECTING yourself and giving yourself the chance accept new things in life. Maybe the friends you had are not the ones you need. Maybe you had to make the first step of quitting in order to get what you deserve. Tuesday I have a job opportunity.. Let's see what happens. You have to be optimistic and ready for challenge. Never get used to anything because then you're just not opening the doors to whatever is next in your life. And once again Thanks Mrs. G! I swear a teacher has never made such a large impact in my life. And the thing is I don't even know she knows. I wonder what she'll do if she finds out?? Would she think I'm crazy?? lol!

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